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Since, I was little a lot of people said that I was a born leader. The desire to someday lead this country that I love has been inside of me since I was little. When I look at politics today; I am scared. I really don’t know how many ladies have entered this field and have excelled. Yes, there is only a hand full that you can quote. Indira Gandhi our first woman prime minister, Benazir Bhutto from Pakistan etc but the lady that I recollect having the most impressive career as a politician is Margaret Thatcher.

People called her the “iron lady”. My 8 year old who is reading this asks me “Was she really made of iron?” This one question made me sit and think about a whole lot of issues. Now, why did she get this nickname???

She took over office as the prime minister of United Kingdom in the year 1979. People in the 70s and 80s at least in our country were not even ready to educate their daughters or give them an opportunity to make a career. Entering politics must have been a straight NO. Anyway she not just entered politics but reached the top and that too for a span of 11 years. 1979-1990 This long tenure has earned her the title of being the longest serving post war British Prime minister. She surely would have been a power house to handle such a challenging post for such a long time.

Being a lady she not only had to handle her official responsibilities. She had a home and two kids to look after and nurture as well. Imagine even after office hours she had her HOMEWORK to do. Any male Prime Minister can go back home and just switch off, but this lady didn’t have the luxury and liberty to just switch off.

One look at her, from her youth, to career pinnacle, to retirement, to old age and finally death and all I feel is a total sense of respect. Is there anybody who has equaled her achievement, I don’t think so.

On the 8th of April, this Iron Lady passed away. She is physically not present anymore. I am sure Britain on the whole will miss her but I am 100% sure that any lady who has interest in politics will surely miss her too. You can catch some of her books like The Downing Street Years, 1979-1990, As I said to Denis…. etc.

If you want our country to make a drastic change, it’s vital that we have a lot more women leaders. Not leaders who are women puppets, standing instead of their husbands. Women who are strong, courageous, honest, intelligent and who have the desire to be in politics is the need of INDIA today.

Margaret Thatcher will surely inspire you and me and many other women to handle not just work and home but anything that’s thrown our way.

Iron Lady…..we at Athenastake salute you.

Athena Visheshta

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6 Responses

  1. diana says:

    Baroness Thatcher must have been one heck of a strong-willed lady to have ruled over the nation which was once the largest empire in the world. We need more of her breed to get the world back inshape. Hats off to you, Ma’am, and may your soul rest in peace.

  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    Is there anybody else that you feel can be compared to her in todays generation???

  3. sheela pakianathan says:

    All women face diffrenet kinds of struggles in their lives and they maybe Iron ladies in their own ways. Nirbhaya is an Iron Lady in my eyes, so is Kiran Bedi, and so is every kid that has kicked cancer and survived all the odds.

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