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About Us
Athena – the Greek goddess of wisdom, warfare, handicrafts, strategy and reason. She doesn’t like to fight without rhyme or reason. Every war Athena wages has a good reason behind it.

We are a group of women dedicated to fighting women’s battles through the written word. Though the world has undergone a lot of changes in the last few thousand years, the ideals for which Athena stood for is as relevant today as they were five thousand years ago.

Today’s women have a come a long way, but we still face struggles in every walk of life and these struggles are for the most part, uphill. Sometimes, the hill is so vertical that there isn’t a single handhold or foothold in sight. From the cradle to the grave, women are subjected to a variety of rights violations which for the most part are conveniently swept under a giant carpet by society. Female foeticide, infanticide, child abuse, marital violence, domestic abuse, sexual harassment at work, violence against us by strangers…. The list is endless.

At Athenastake, we endeavour to provide a forum for women to air their views on women-centric issues. We also try to dissect each issue and approach it from all possible angles.

Each contributor is considered an Athena. And we want each contributor to possess the qualities for which Athena was renowned and revered. Every Athena should strive to fight: fight to make this world a better place for all of humankind. This is all we ask of our fellow Athenas.