Culture of Rape????

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Culture of Rape????

rape shot1This is another remark India is facing in wake of the Delhi Gang Rape case and many others. It has come from none other than Hilary Clinton a name well recognized by most of us. But most of us remember her as the former First Lady of USA who stood by her husband in a sex scandal and NOT as a successful lawyer.

So how are we going to take this remark – just another one in the strings of words that have been flooding from all over the world over the issue or one that shows that a self made and self-respecting woman is condemning THE INDIAN CULTURE which was earlier known to worship its females? When a woman living more than 12,000 kms away thinks that and has the conviction to use it publicly then the ground reality either has to be completely different (maybe she is just dreaming) or something similar.

Let’s start from the very REGULAR and MOST IGNORED incident – EVE TEASING.

I am still to meet a woman who can say that she has never faced it and I am twenty nine years old. A few weeks back I attended a self defense session for women by a trainer who has been in the field for 15 years now and he also said the same.

I had my first brush with it when I was 12. The landline (no mobile phones then darlings) rang one afternoon and I picked. From the other end there was a proposition of talking to me and only me and I hung up. I was terrified, shaken and remained so for days. Then within a few years it became a routine and trust me, there are still those occasional calls or sms.

Now I can read your mind ‘it has happened with me too’ or ‘my daughter is facing this’. Is there anyone of you who has not had this thought then please contact me and we would share your tips and tricks to avoid the torture with women all over the world.

Who goes around doing this? I read your mind again – Boys / men who else.

Now if I am to ask has your father/ brother/ son ever done this what’s going to be the answer? Here I do it again, read your mind –NOOOO, NEVER!!!!!!! Oh, I have suddenly become a psychic so I should immediately start making millions using my new found ability. But don’t worry I will complete this piece first as I owe you that much to make me realize my hidden potential.

Then all the lovely ladies reading this please tell me where the hell all these eve teasers come from if not from our own homes? No, they are all NOT the illiterate chaps roaming on the streets coz these incidents happen even in multiplexes, five star hotels and airports which they simply don’t have the means to access. THEN WHO????

Food for your thought sweeties till the next meeting………

With love n light



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7 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    Dear Aadhya…..I think what comes before the eve teasing is just teasing. Most men enjoy teasing their sisters, wife etc. This teasing increases beyond limits when a group of youngsters are involved. So, if people wish to stop eve teasing the first thing that they should do is to teach the men in their families to stop any sort of teasing. The next would be to teach men to respect women, as long as they are going to look at us as the softer sex or weaker sex, this is never going to stop. They have to learn to treat as equal fellow human beings.

  2. sreenivasan says:

    Nice one hope people read the same and try to bring the change in their family

  3. Aadhya says:

    I totally agree with what you both say.
    Most of the times if you complain to an elder about the teasing the answer will be “oh, he is your brother na, its ok”.
    That’s the reason I find Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words timeless “All men plume themselves on the improvement of society, and no man improves.”
    So, lets improve our homes first and then find faults with the so called society.

  4. We had once a flawless culture and tradition. We gave a respectful space to women if not worshiped them. But who robbed our culture? The constant denigration of women by some of the wayward men went to such an extent that it resulted in our getting a sobriquet ‘Culture of Rape’ from people like no lesser mortal than Ms. Hillary. Since we go on getting muddier and muddier, we cant blame the erstwhile First Lady.

    Your write give a new dimension to our thoughts about rape. Kudos!

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