My Adorable and Exasperated Hubby,

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My Adorable and Exasperated Hubby,

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                                      Happy Valentine’s Day. I know, I know you do not believe in this riff raff, but you are the one who made me believe in love .Not the usual stuff of roses, diamonds or  candlelight dinners but plain caring understated love  by just being there for me all the time ,even when I frustrated the hell out of you  and  I do that  a lot .You made me understand  that love is a package deal which includes trust ,honesty and  mostly  every day care for each other.

                                                                                         You are the essence of my very being and I truly understand the term of being desperately in love .The self assured ,confident persona which I project today is only because of your love and faith in me. Words  fail me as I try to express the  whorl  of emotions I feel when I  recount all the countless little joys you have bestowed on me. I do try my  best  to keep you happy  and fulfill your expectations of an ideal partner. I get depressed just thinking of a life  without  you. I may be a small part of your world  ,but for me you are my world.

                                               Over the years  ,you have completely  changed my outlook. I have transformed from a silly, immature  and overemotional  girl to a more stable person  who is receptive to changes in life. In my case familiarity has not bred  contempt as happens to everyone.I  always count the days when you are away from me.  You are easily  the most kind and generous person I know.You  are quick to forget and forgive which I am not. You have utterly spoiled me with your love and care. I know you are not into flowery  speeches or remembering  birthdays and anniversaries but  there is no one  I  would  have at my side other than you when I am sick or lonely.

                                               I have been unreasonable, irrational and angry with you countless times  but you have never lashed out at me .You  taught me patience and tolerance.My dictatorial  attitude brought you to the end of your tether but  your love for me never waned. Even after a decade and a half of a blissful married life,I can honestly claim to be in love with you ,more now than ever .Our life together is like a string of pearls  strung together , one moment as precious as the other.The sharing of a cup of tea after a hard day , going out for a walk in the summer rain or just listening to our favorite  song.These  moments provide the much needed respite in our otherwise hectic life.

You made me strive to become a better person and hope I too have made some positive impact in your life .There is nothing in our lives that I would change and I pray that the coming years too are as lovely  as the past and present. Marital bliss is something I have taken for granted and I wish it remains the same during my lifetime.You are the reason for the smile on my face and joy in my life.

Love you!

Athena Shafiya

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7 Responses

  1. Neefs says:

    That was really amazing! Hope everyone too gets there perfect imperfect otp as you!!

  2. mira says:

    That was a truly awesome post Shafi (Simply Straight from the heart) Hope your Hubby has read it. Truly wishing you many many ………… more years of happiness together with love growing and multiplying each day.

  3. shafi says:

    Thanks mira n neefs for your encouraging comments. I really pray everyone experiences the true joy of being in love.

  4. Swetha says:

    Good one aunty :) and since i know u both and have observed many a times the way you both support, care and love each other.. the article was like a perfect subtitle to the video(memories) that played on in ma mind of you both :)

  5. shee_shee12345 says:

    Its rare to find such love that is selfless. Love that believes in helping the other person grow. What you have is precious beyond words. Love you both, complete respect for your love and relationship.

  6. Shazeen says:

    That was a very touching article I pray to God that every women should feel the same for her hubby then life would be very beautiful for every couple . Iam very happy for u and May Allah bless u both a eternal love life.

  7. Bhuvana says:

    That is a beautifully written ode to a Ioving husband ! I’m touched,stunned and speechless in turn ,what can I say shafia, you’ve managed to convey the sweetest and most crucial aspects of your relationship with such tenderness and honesty ,I’m sure your husband would have been quite as overwhelmed as I am after reading your article ,my prayers and wishes for your life/love to be just this perfect always

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