Right Time Right Place Right Opportunity

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Right Time Right Place Right Opportunity

           If there were an entrance exam for entering politics I am sure  a lot of interested women would crack it and come out with flying colors.  After all most of them believe in merit and hard work to achieve their goals.I decided to roll my socks and do some serious research on facts and figures (I don’t even know the population of women in our country) but alas I realized that it was not my cup of tea, you can find them in news channels or Google it up so here I am  as usual  sharing some random thoughts.RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE RIGHT OPPORTUNITY

The sad fact is majority of women(tough lament endlessly) are not even interested in politics a few who lament but keep themselves abreast but I believe that there is small percentage of women who are genuinely interested and if given a fair chance can make a big difference.

First of all I would like to highlight a few positive changes happening (yes positive) which is gradually making the atmosphere more conducive for women to enter. The SC ruling making it impossible for candidates with criminal background to contest, the EC tightening its norms on poll regulations, strict monitoring of campaign and speeches, regular seizure of cash and freebies, the implementation of RTI Act and the powerful Media with its wide reach which constantly updates the electorates, politics and elections is slowly coming under the wings of transparency.

Despite this we can’t  expect a surge of women to show an  interest overnight or even venture and even if they- it is practically impossible to launch a party or contest immediately. This is where the existing parties regional or national have a  major role to play.

Today with more knowledgeable electorate it is becoming necessary to redefine themselves outside religion caste and even sentimentalism. In order to have an impact performance and staying connected at all times has become mandatory. This is where they should have a more inclusive approach and involve more participation of women right from grassroots level.

  • To begin with rather than approaching them saying mothers and sisters trust us to solve your problems why not join us to solve our problems.
  • They should look beyond their bahu betis and divas of tinsel world and reach out to women from all walks of life starting from rural areas, SHGs ,students, working professionals, doctors, teachers , homemakers etc.
  • A platform literal or virtual should be created to seek their opinions on issues, identify  plausible solutions, encourage them to contribute ideas for policy building, party manifesto etc.
  • They can conduct workshops for interested  women on party activities, campaign management etc. and invite them to volunteer part time.

 The idea is to make women an integral part of democracy and once they feel their opinions and presence is valued it automatically invokes an interest and subsequently provides a good head start. It is a win win situation for both sides.

    Finally at the availability of right time, place and opportunity when these women come forward to take the bigger step the rest of us should whole heartedly support them and ensure their victory.

Athena Mira

Its time for elections and so is it for women in politics to make a start. To read and get a glimpse of the Indian political scenario for women try Is politics a mens gameVoters right to reject all candidates landmark judgement by sc and Politics of gender or gender of politics.

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4 Responses

  1. Indrani says:

    Very inspiring post for women. They are yet to make a move, when the move by women gathers momentum we will definitely see positive changes.
    You have done a good analysis here. I don’t dwell much on this topic but your post enriches me thoughts on this matter.

  2. Richa Singh says:

    Very thoughtful and inspiring. I hope after reading this article we as a women change our view point towards politics.


  3. Harsha says:

    That is a very inspiring post…I see my Mom working for the Development of Women,in the form of Mahila Samiti and She is doing great in that terms..
    My Mom has gathered a lot of Women who thinks alike and doing every bit in what they can do especially in the sector of Women Development,I hope she can make it big.. :)
    And There is a thing To make it Big we need to take the first step..But most of us are scared of taking that first step..

  4. Purba says:

    Right now, women in Politics despite holding top positions have done very little for upliftment of their own gender. For women like us to come forward, we need assurance about our safety. We need reassurance that our suggestions, time devoted will be valued.

    Right now, all I see is a mad scramble for power.

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