She Survived The Odds And Lives To Tell The Tale

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She Survived The Odds And Lives To Tell The Tale

It was the first year of college, Pavitra though was only in the first year was a very famous girl. She was tall, dusky and people often equated her with Bengali bombshell Bipasha Basu. She was very fast at making friends and could get along with the staff and all her college mates as well. No one knew was that this ever cheerful girl came from a background of a broken home.

Well, her parents stayed together but couldn’t call them a happy family. Non stop fighting, complaining and giving preference to the son of the family; were the major traits of her family. At this vulnerable time in her life, one of her seniors approached her and started sweet talking her. Pavitra without any idea of the trap she was falling into give her heart and soul to this guy.

Nest step, there was chaos at home; her parents didn’t like the boy. They tried telling her that he was not correct for her. Pavitra on the other hand felt that they wouldn’t know anything about love as they keep fighting. She also felt that they would say no to any of her decisions because she was the youngest and was a girl. Against family wishes she got married to her senior; whom I am going to call Mr. Bundle.

Within two years of marriage she had two children, had discontinued her college and was living with Mr. Bundle and his family. Turns out Mr. Bundle was actually only a big bundle of troubles. He was an alcoholic, chain smoker, would spend all his money on his addictions, would beat her and not provide her with enough money to look after the family or herself. To top this Mother Nature decided to give Pavitra a brain tumor as well.

After handling all this torture for as long as she could she one day came back to her mother’s house. No red carpet was rolled out to welcome her obviously; she was treated as an additional burden. With great difficulty and lots of fighting and a correspondence degree course she took her first step in the outside world and became a teacher. There was no support at home, as her parents felt she is partying outside with the money she made. No one knew that in the measly Rs.6000/- that she made, she paid the fees for her kids, sent Rs.1000/- to the now jobless and useless Mr. Bundle and then the remaining amount would be handed over to her mother.

The desire to have a better life and some peace of mind pushed this girl, to leave her parents home. Why? So, that she could pick up a bigger better job. This was a 9 to 5 job. Even though her kids are just around 10 they both understood their mother and supported her totally. They come back from school and stay alone till she gets back home. The gift they give their mom every year is by getting an A+ grade in school and doing well in any competition that they can participate in.

This Athena is a true survivor, she has survived a divorce proceeding, survived the brain tumor, survived loneliness, survived hatred and survived abuse and survived herself. Survived herself… why do I say this??? The troubles in her life started because she was too innocent to fall in love and get married to the wrong guy. She didn’t have the power of education to get through some of the most difficult years of her life. A lot of us also face similar problems, problems which are created due to our immaturity, ignorance etc. What’s important is to learn from these mistakes and rise above them. Athenastake salutes Pavitra for fighting against these mistakes and making a life for herself and her kids.

Athena Visheshta

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9 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    Dear Visheshta,

    There are many women who are going through similar situations, there are only a hand few who are able to break their bonds and make a change in thier lives. IS there any way that we can help more women like Pavitra….????

  2. Nirmala Das says:

    Dear Athena
    For the first time today I could feel the struggle of Pavitra and what she must have gone through and how some of her friends and kids would have trusted her will and proved out to be her only support system… i respect and trust that Pavitra will surely wriggle out and build a strong foundation for her kids and herself but I SALUTE the FRIENDS & PEOPLE who stood beside her and supported her to strive for LIFE…

    We in India are so much biased..especially our middle class families as they live for self esteem and false prestige … we prefer boys to girls… A girl WHO HAS TO SURVIVE ALL KINDS OF SITUATIONS.. RESTRICTIONS AND COMPROMISES AS A GIRL, AS DAUGHTER, AS A SISTER, AS A MOTHER, AS A WIFE AS A FRIEND FOR EVERYONE THAT THEY ARE BOUND TO … but always we are the ones who stand for that very OWN family…relatives… kins ..yet we need to make them understand that WE DO EXIST….
    hope your blog enlightens all the True Fighters …women … like a new dawn ….welcoming LIFE..

  3. badrinath_t says:

    Nirmala Madam i dont know why but I get the feeling that you are in a similar situation as Pavitra.

  4. shee_shee12345 says:

    Happy to inform you all that the Pavitra in real life, is finally a free bird. Happy independence day to you and we all at Athenastake salute you and wish you all the best.

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