Simmer, Smolder, Crackle – The Fire Within A Woman

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Simmer, Smolder, Crackle – The Fire Within A Woman

the fire within a woman

Hello everyone!!! The topic this week has been more than a challenge for all of us. The five elements and women.  I didn’t need to think a great deal about this as it is my firm and unshakable opinion that women are blessed with all the qualities of… that’s right!!!! FIRE!!!!!

Don’t agree with me? Come on people, think about it. Does fire give out warmth and comfort? So do women. Is fire instrumental in welding, mining, manufacturing and other industries? Well, women are instrumental in building and binding together the industry of family. Starting to see the light? Good.

Here are a few more. Does fire burn if you put your hands in it? So does a woman if she’s rubbed the wrong way. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Hell is usually associated with constantly burning fires. And when a woman is unnecessarily provoked, hell fire would be a walk in the park compared to her wrath. Ahhh. I think I m finally starting to get through.

To sum up, fire and woman are one. Both nurture and comfort when handled with care, but can scourge and burn at the slightest miscalculation or mishandling. So the next time you make the acquaintance of a woman, do make sure to be polite and respectful. That would ensure that you are on safe terrain!!

There! It’s done. I’m interested to know what you think of this.

Athena Diana

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