Technology Comes To The Aid Of Those Who Are Specially Abled

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Technology Comes To The Aid Of Those Who Are Specially Abled

TECHNOLOGY TO THE AIDTechnology and advancements do have a lot of benefits. There are quite a few things which have been invented to help our fellow specially abled people. A glance at some of the technological advancements is sure to change the way you look at specially abled people.

Computers have given life to a whole lot of people. A lot of people with special needs are making a nice living use computers and the internet. They are taking up jobs like online tutoring, web designing, web content writing, medical transcription, writing software programs or designing extraordinary games or mindboggling apps. Those who have eye disabilities are also using computers. There is software like JAWS; this software reads out everything to the user and using this there are a lot of specially abled people taking up various kinds of jobs. To add I would like to say that one of our writers at  is also visually challenged and uses this software to churn out such wonderful articles, which you people are following and reading and commenting on.

This is not the end there is more, do you know that smart phones have been designed and are in the market for those with special needs. The screen moves and creates Braille like alphabets which the user can use with ease. Apart from this the Nokia Lumia is a phone which is extremely user friendly and the voice commands are excellent.

Moving around is difficult for many people with disabilities. There are wheel chairs with fitted GPS in them; this helps the person to reach where ever he wants by just giving the wheel chair a command. This wheelchair is not yet out in the market but the initial trials have been very successful.

Another product which has been hugely successful in the trail stages is the bionic eye. This is not exactly an eye; it’s a chip which is placed at the back of the eye. A mini camera is fixed onto the glasses which the user has to wear. This camera relays whatever it shoots to the chip which in turn relays this information to the brain. Once this product is out in the market millions of its user will be able to see and lead an independent life.

Another breakthrough is the Lyric hearing aid. This is planted inside the user’s ear very close to the ear drum. It’s really tiny and as it is placed so inside that it is absolutely invisible. It has a battery which again is very tiny but can run for a span of four months. The quality of the sound too is phenomenal. The placement using the ears natural anomaly and so on and so forth have created a very user friendly hearing aid.

Prosthetics have been around for a while now. From just wooden attachments too plastic stuff, they have been constantly transforming. What is the latest is the iwalk BiOM ankle system. With this the user can feel similar movements like muscle and tendon movements. It gives you back nearly what you lost.

Technology has scope for development always. As long as there are people working for those with special needs, I am sure their life is going to get better. Let’s hope that our government will support gestures and endeavours like this. So, now that you know some technological advancements, help out and give a morale booster to your specially abled friends.

 Athena Visheshta

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6 Responses

  1. sreenivasan says:

    Preference should be given to all sorts of inventions but those which help others lead a better life should be given top priority, funding and permissions.

  2. diana says:

    @ Sreenivasan – Agreed two young Indian men have developed a belt which can facilitate movement for the blind. If this project is funded 10s of millions in India can benefit.

  3. Aadhya says:

    But there is a need to make technology available and affordable to all. Whats the point if you have to pay an arm and a leg for something to be imported from the US which includes the taxes which are many fold the cost of the equipment and then youhave to put it in the bin when you need servicing as its not available in your country and you cant afford to send it back to US.

  4. diana says:

    Fair point well made. Affordable technology plus awareness is the need of the hour.

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