Unusual Careers For Women

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Unusual Professions For Women

It is against the laws of nature for a human to be idle. As for a woman she wakes up with work on her mind and also sleeps on it. Traditionally women have worked at home but now women have started creating their own domain in almost every field. Business management, banking, corporate laws are some of the areas of work where they have reached the zenith.UNUSUAL CAREERS FOR WOMEN

A creative minded person does not either want to work hard or keep regular office hours and above all wants to  have a lucrative career in a short time .Here  I want to elaborate on some weird and whacky careers which are easy to start and pay well too.

 1. Odor tester: This nose wrinkling job does pay quite well. Many well known deodorant companies check out how well the particular deodorant works on different people. Aside from the obvious smelly reason, it is less work for more.

 2. Embalmer: This is more common abroad than in India .Yes, people are vain enough to want to look good even after they are dead .So an embalmer’s job is to make up the face, make them wear proper chic clothes and accessories in addition to the regular embalming. Apart from this untimely deaths in foreign countries add to the need for embalming. Only if a body is embalmed can it be transported without further deterioration. There by adding to the need of the crazy profession.

 3. Wrinkle chaser: Buying  a new leather shoe always gives you a high .The smooth  finish on the leather is due to the ironing done in the last minute finishing process .This is what makes the shoe wrinkle free which can be seen after a few weeks of wearing the shoe. Quite a different and easy job, isn’t it?

4.  Personal shopper: This is on top of my favorites .It is like having the cake and eating it too. Women have shopping in their genes. So any person   having a sense of style, present day fashions and a good head for budgeting can carve herself a nice niche in this career. Earning a good percentage on the total bills incurred is like dream come true. To add more money to the kitty get into being a personal shopper for gold jewellery and watch how your pocket money will soon over shadow your main source of income.

5.  Greeting card Writers: You just need a romantic heart and a way with words to join this profession. Writing about birthdays, first love, weddings and anniversaries in a floral and poetical language can earn you a quite a good income.

                      These are some of the unusual professions which have the potential to pay you more and also fulfill your dreams.

 Athena Shafiya

 Read more and catch up with more unusual professions with A hobby and much more.

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7 Responses

  1. neefs says:

    A very unique idea!Beautifully written!
    These are the things we need to inculcate in ourselves which will ultimately lead to thee progression of the country.

  2. ayesha says:

    Cool ideas, shafi. A little extra pin money is always welcome to anyone and your suggestions are practical too. Especially the personal shopper one. Good read.

  3. shee_shee12345 says:

    Women are the masters of multi tasking, all the professions mentioned in this post can surely be done in a ladies free time. Loved the greeting card writer idea and now we know whom to catch for exquisite words for all special occasions especially valentines day.

  4. shafiya says:

    Women need very little qualifications for the above mentioned careers. It is only their will and determination as well as choice to be financially independent that drives them towards being productive in unusual ways.thanks a lot girls for your encouraging comments on my post.

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      The qualifications in our country are today in plenty, what we Indian women lack is the will and determination. Hope that they read and get inspired and bring out the best in themselves by using their will and determination.

  5. mira says:

    well written and well said shafiya. totally agree with you.

  1. July 2, 2014

    […] concentrating on this week, sure enough you will know about some and to catch a little more try Unusual careers for women, A hobby and much […]

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