What’s In A Number???

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What’s In A Number???

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Image Courtesy Google

 Hello Athenas! Aadhya has made me introspect a lot these past few days. What’s the country coming to if “underage” teenagers are taught to believe they can get away with murder as long as there is a piece of paper which proves them to be under the age of 18, the legal point at which a person is supposed to transform from minor to adult, and when he supposedly can be held accountable for his actions? “Age is just a number.” I have heard this so often that every time I hear it, it makes me want to roll my eyes heavenwards. If age is “just a number,” why has it assumed importance of monumental proportions when punishment for a brutal crime is being discussed?

 After recent events, our lawmakers seriously need to revisit and revise. If someone can exhibit such brutal behavior when they are underage, just imagine how much more brutal the person can become after becoming an adult. And a year or two in a correctional facility is not going to flush the brutality out of the system. In fact, it would only get worse.

 “I got away with rape and murder when I was a boy, so why not do it again?” If this thought process occurs, then watch out all you ladies out there. I’m sorry if I’m sounding like a doomsayer, but this is the sad truth. Punishment must befit the crime. A brutal crime calls for a brutal punishment. Lawmakers, please, I request you. Sit up and take notice. Something needs to be done. Criminals cannot be allowed to escape with a light sentence simply because they’re “underage.” An adult crime calls for an adult punishment. At least make a provision in our laws to try each case on merit and where extenuating circumstances prevail, let there be a provision to try the offender as an adult.

And I also have a request for the parents of such “underage” offenders. I understand the maternal and paternal instincts to try and get your offspring off with a light sentence by hook or crook. But please try to remember that your offspring, if left unchecked, could prove to be a great menace to other women. Your offspring may feel it’s his right to snatch another human life. And I’m telling you, it’s almost as bad as taking the abuser’s side and chastising your child when the little one comes and tells you about being taken advantage of, violated and abused.

A parent’s duty is not just to love and protect your children, but discipline them as well. Sometimes, tough love works best. And when it’s your offspring who’s responsible for brutalizing another human being, please, please, please don’t rush to their defense. Let them learn that crime doesn’t pay. I do not know if my words have gotten through or fallen on deaf ears, but I have wanted to say them for long because deep down, it’s what I’m feeling.

This land needs to be made safe for her daughters and each and every one of us have a role to play in order to make this possible. We cannot keep hiding from our responsibilities forever. “Ask not what your country has done for you. Ask what you have done for your country,” said former U.S. President John F. Kennedy. It’s about time each one of us asked that question to ourselves and come up with an honest answer. Change begins at home and we must be brave enough to make this change happen.


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18 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    In India everything is flexible specially time and rules. Its time we all grow a spine and actually look at things, take it seriously, take steps of action and proceed towards a better India.

  2. badrinath_t says:

    There is lot in a number, the shame of our country and its judicial system is there in this one number.

  3. sreenivasan says:

    Strict rules and regulations not just for this but for everything in our country is the need of the hour and for this its a must that we think twice before we elect our next set of leaders.

    • Diana says:

      And looking at the choices available before us, is it any wonder that half the country doesn’t bother to turn up at the polls? A bold, imaginative leader who is not afraid to make radical decisions for the country’s betterment is the need of the hour.

  4. sheela pakianathan says:

    Parents will go out and defend their kids no matter what, that is something that you and me cant do much about. Educating our sons to be better humans, yes we can do. Its not about warning them to be careful around girls as they may take them for a ride, its about teaching them to not take any girl for a ride whether she is his girlfriend or classmate.

    • Diana says:

      Yes we can teach them that in combination with teaching our girls NOT to allow anyone take them for a ride. But when our sons do something terrible, what good would all our teachings be if we fail to back up our words with appropriate action?

  5. Abhra says:

    Very well written. An adult crime should have an adult punishment, irrespective of age.

    Regarding the other part of your article, I covered something similar in one of mine. Can not agree more that the reform has to come from the way of upbringing.

  6. Indrani says:

    When will this rule for juvenile punishment be amended?
    One is almost let off and another one is on the way!
    Well written on this issue.

    • Diana says:

      Tell me about it! Every time changes to the Juvenile justice Act is discussed, some rights group or other comes charging with all guns blazing to put a stop to it. Their points may be valid, but SOME change is called for to stem the rot in the judicial system.

  7. jaideep says:

    logically a juvenile becomes as matured as any other professional criminal, the moment he commits a rape and therefore must be punished in the harshest possible manner.

    lawmakers ? do they have ethics and senses? they are just paid driven horses speaking their owner’s language…

    • Diana says:

      Yes, it is indeed becoming increasingly difficult to trust our so-called lawmakers and leaders these days. before this cancer consumes this country whole, something needs to be done. But what? How do we make this nation safer?

  8. Vijay Prabhu says:

    Nicely written Athena

  9. Chaitanya says:

    The answer to all our queries lies in the children, the future generation of the world. Its them who will make the changes that we hope for.

  10. Partha says:

    Underage criminals are going to be a big headache for India in coming days. However, we need to look deeper in this issue. India is having growing number of underage criminals, and common men turing into criminals because our legal system failed to be prompt and give justice. You spoke about rape. Let me tell you that 75% of our rape cases are false, filed for extortion. Even Delhi High Court recently commented that ‘False Rape Cases, behind Rape Capital tag for Delhi”. POint is any rape reported, media and ppl makes it HUGE, simply by talking about it, sharing the news, and making it BIG on every platform. However, no false case is reported that way. That is why we see only false complainant against Rahul Gandhi gets punished and rarely anyone else gets punishment.

    In one hand, our legal system is failing to deliver justice in time because of false rape and dowry related cases, in other hand they are failing to prevent false cases by punishing women who are filing them. Unless implementation of our laws are made stricter and flawless, no matter how much law we make, that will continue to frustrate people and deny justice for the real victims.

  11. Partha says:

    The problem of underage criminals increasing in India because our family system is breaking thanks to one sided gender biased laws. We have only seen misuse of these draconian laws and accused some innocent men and families and driven them to suicide, whereas criminal women went scot free.
    Unless we can rescue our family system, the problem of underage criminals and violent crimes in India will only increase.

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