Athena (“ah-thee-NAH”)

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Athena (“ah-thee-NAH”) – The Goddess Of Wisdom, Courage, Inspiration, Civilization, Law And Justice, Strategic War, Mathematics, Strength, Strategy, The Arts, Crafts, And Skill.

     Hello to all the ladies out there. Do you feel that you are special? Do you think of yourself as a goddess / princess and deserve to be treated that way? Well then, you don’t have to go far. is the place for you. Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, warfare, handicrafts, strategy and reason and every one of you out there who feel you fit this description is an Athena.

We feel very proud to welcome every Athena out there into our fold. Feel free to express your opinions about anything under the sun.

Come on Athenas! Let’s turn the world on its head!

Listen!  Athena Pronunciation