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MAN ADS   Sitting by the window and sipping my coffee, I suddenly saw the most handsome man walk past. My heart was racing, my head was turning around and my eyes were following him. He took his sun glasses off and I was wishing it was his shirt instead. He winked at his girlfriend and I wished that was me instead (even though I am married). He called out to the waiter and again not just me every girl at Café Coffee Day was impressed by the masculine voice.

All of a sudden something went wrong and Mr. Handsome was fighting with the waiter and shouting at him. All the girls who were looking at him were so disappointed, what we thought was a good looking gentleman was actually a filth talking moron. The next minute his pissed girlfriend walked out of the café, all his side kicks vanished and what was left in my mind was just the frame of an irritating dumb cheapster.

Most men feel that if they look and feel irresistible, all the femme fatale will follow them. Yes, it happens but only in advertisements. Looks can create a first impression but if you have only the looks or should I say copied looks, it’s not enough. Any girl or lady will definitely see if the guy has a brain and is he capable of looking after her.

All the advertisements of products for men have only one concept, girls running around behind a man because he smells good, looks good or dresses good. Have you ever run around behind a man because of his deo???? I cannot understand that how can a girl who has won a world renowned beauty pageant endorse a product and run around behind a man in an advertisement.

The censor board of India will ban a song if it has the word “sexy” in it but when it comes to advertisements showing women in really demeaning ways, the board just vanishes. We women will laugh at these ads but why can’t we get up and say STOP.

At this age and time of just skin show and low morals, there is this one advertisement that I really like the latest Soldier ad from Gillette; which says “THE BEST A MAN CAN GET”. I always felt that the Gillette products were the best things that any man can get, after this advertisement, I am not just impressed, I am totally impressed. The jingle salutes women, teaches men a lot of vital lessons and makes a man feel like a man and not like an object of lust and attraction. Kudos to the team that thought up this jingle; trust me there is surely a gem of a man on board there. 

Athena Visheshta

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4 Responses

  1. sreenivasan says:

    nice one

  2. Harsha says:

    The Best way to know a Person Character is to observe the way he behaves with the ones below him and bu Below I mean those who are earning less or in Post which is below him..
    If we can’t respect others there is no good in having an Attractive Figure…Kyunki Figure to Geometry mein bhi hote hai.. 😛

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