Domestic + Violence = Downfall Of Women

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Domestic + Violence = Downfall Of Women


Lion = wild animal = uncontrollable & furious

 & Cow = domestic animal = peaceful & silent


Wild = uncontrollable & furious

    & Domestic = peaceful & silent

  Image Courtesy Google

Image Courtesy Google

So how come Domestic and violence got together and became Domestic Violence? Isn’t it an oxymoron? Yes it is. But it’s also the reality that millions of women across the world face every passing moment. Infact it has become so common that it’s just not considered an issue anymore. Slaps, pushes, punches, bruises, blood and sometimes even fractures or at the worse death; that’s how we identify a victim. These are the things we don’t associate with anything domestic but yet these are the things that make up a major part of Domestic Violence.

Domestic is meant to be anything but violent but that same domesticity becomes a never ending nightmare for many of us. And No it’s not limited to wives only but is prevalent in every conceivable man women relationship.

Each one of us has either been a victim or has seen someone getting victimized. Trust me I want to write more and much more on this but it’s all too much to write about. So many thoughts, pictures and words that I have picked up and stored inside me forever both consciously and subconsciously that I am struggling to pick out one thing which is clear and simple enough to be put into words but I am failing. I am unable to decide from where to start – Seema at the age of 07 being slapped by her mother for wanting to play rather that learn to make chapattis, at 12 year trying to get away from her younger brother who thinks it’s right to kick and punch her if she dares to say No to serving him on his bed, at 19 being abused by her lover for talking to a male friend, at 22 being slapped by her husband coz she forgot to add salt in the dal, at 23 being dragged by her hair and punched by husband and family for not bringing enough dowry, at 25 burning alive for the utmost sin of not giving birth to a son.

All this with the screams and tears of a number of Seemas is haunting me while I am struggling to hold back my tears, gather my thoughts and turn them into words.

Tell me where shall I start from?


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5 Responses

  1. Diana says:

    And saddest of all, most men don’t seem to realize that inflicting harm upon a female family member is WRONG. If they fail to realize this vital fact, how will they learn NOT to harm women outside the family???

  2. Sheela Pakianathan says:

    It is a never ending story. But the degree of domestic violence is coming down due to awareness through media in the form of serials. Children are the future citizens they copy what their parents are doing. So the parents should be careful in using words or hands on their spouse. That will be the best lesson taught at home!!!!

  3. Abhra says:

    I think it is even more painful when the abuse starts from home – who else should she turn to for help? Couple of days back a news came on that said how a man gave away his wife to his bosses and earned himself promotion for twelve years. I cannot believe how such creeps are even born in today’s world. I am a father of a girl child myself and I keep telling everyone that she is the best thing to have happened to me – how could the society accept such abuse to her children.

  4. Indrani says:

    oh! Too painful!
    Education for men should start at home.

  5. This is only one side of the story. Equal number of men are also subjected to domestic violence that are not recorded as our laws are gender biased.

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