A Better Grand Daughter

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A Better Grand Daughter

 Girl, Women, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Colleague – Me, yes, that’s me.

 Among all these is one more role that I play day in and day out but which goes unnoticed – that of a Granddaughter. Remember! Okay now you do. We when born were apple of everyone’s eyes and more so of our both set of grandparents. All that pampering and unconditional love is what filled our childhood and made those summer holidays all the more special. Waiting for the break so we can go to their palatial homes with big verandas and gardens or fields full of mango and guava trees, breakfast of fresh milk, desi ghee paranthas and homemade butter and yes we never gained weight. Yum!!!!!! I wish I could eat even a single meal like that without spending days repenting the sin and eating boiled veggies.A Better Grand Daughter

 Those were the days when every demand of ours was fulfilled by them irrespective of how unreasonable it may be. In my case my paternal grandparents were so happy to have me that for my first birthday I had a grand party with the entire city invited. And since my maternal grandparents lived in a small town they will source Maggie from the nearest city as if they knew even all those years ago that our generation will end up growing on Maggie as part of our staple food.

 But now they are old. Infact now I only have one grandma and no grandpa and she is so old that every time I leave her I don’t know whether I will see her again or not. And now it’s my turn to be not the better but the best granddaughter in the world. I did all I could for my grandfather till he left us when I was 16 and I was the last family member he talked to. More than a decade later I still miss him and think that I could have done a few things differently and in a better way. Since I was a kid at that time I used to get angry and irritated by some of his talks and demands and concerns and I sooo wish that I can go back in time and be a better granddaughter.

 But I still have a chance and I have a grandmother who is quite old and age related ailments combined with the need to leave her house where she spent her life and live with us in a flat with limited space has made her cranky and unreasonable and sometimes impossible to deal with. She lives with my parents and I don’t visit them often as I live in a different city. But whenever I visit I try to be as patient with her as possible. With my mom about to turn 60 in a few months it getting difficult for her also to fulfill her every demand and take care of her like earlier.

 And here comes the part where I have to be a better granddaughter – I may bring her here to continue her treatment and take care of her. This will mean a lot of headache as she is a very demanding person who can dismiss everyone else as stupid and useless and cunning even if they mean good for her. Her food habits means that at every meal time a dish different than ours needs to be cooked for her, she will need her own room and someone at her beck and call 24X7. She will be taunting and rude most of the time accusing us of all sort of plotting and planning against her, will crib about each and everything in the home, ridicule our clothes and lifestyle etc. etc. In short she will do everything that can people their age do and which irritates us to no limit but I have promised myself to be a better granddaughter. After all as a kid I have bothered this same grandmother with endless and ridiculous demands and she has catered to every one of those without as much as batting an eyelid.


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8 Responses


    In the last paragraph you have mentioned I may bring bring her here – rest everything in your article I agree and say yes, but your choice of words if it had been,” I will try and bring her here” would have given your intention more punch. Your love for your grand parents deserves kudos – in fact today many do not even take care of their parents.

  2. Diana says:

    Good post Aadhya. Truly heartfelt.

  3. shafiya says:

    A touching post .It is true that old age is second childhood and we as grandchildren should try to repay the patience and care which our grandparents endowed on us as naughty children.

  4. mira says:

    grandparents as they grow old are like kids. we just need to pamper them and shower our affection as that is what they expect. as for the rest they crib and comment because suddenly from being active they are confined and hence a need to vent their frustration. actually at times it really pays to listen to what they have to say about our customs, their mouth watering dishes and just t listen about their times. they are a wealth of knowledge and experience and moments spent with them are memories of a lifetime.

  5. shefali says:

    Nice blog make me remind my childhood as eldest grand daughter of my lovely grand parents unforgettable moments with lots of love & care from there side spent with them.

  6. shee_shee12345 says:

    Grand parents have a lot to offer us and its up to grab it. This could be lovely memories to lessons for life. I love both my grand moms though each one is poles apart, the one common thing is they love me and my kids and are eager for a visit, a phone call, a chat, basically a little company and love.

  7. Sheela Pakianathan says:

    Good article focusing the attention of the grand daughters. Why not include grandsons too!!!! Modern grandparents can make their grand children happy by not nagging them to do a particular thing. Parents can take care of their discipline. If both grandparents and grand children can change a little and forego little of their ego both can be very happy at old age. Grandparents become babies at old age so they should sweetly obey their grandchildren to live a happy life till their end.

  8. Indrani says:

    I was trying to recollect my memories of my grandmother while reading this.
    Felt good reading the nice thought of caring for grand mother. :)

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