A Gentle Breeze, A Raging Hurricane – The 2 Faces of Air…And Women

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A Gentle Breeze, A Raging Hurricane  – The 2 Faces of Air…And Women

the 2 faces of air

 Ever wondered why storms are referred to as “she?” Hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons are given names of both genders, but there’s only one pronoun that’s used irrespective of their names. SHE.

Air can take the form of a gentle breeze or a raging tempest. Both cases represent the elemental nature of women. A warm breeze that caresses gently is indicative of women’s warm, caring nature and gentle spirit. But when she’s taken for granted and provoked, she gathers strength and attacks with such force that one is left with little time to prepare or react.

Air is one of the most basic things we need for survival. When it’s not respected, we must be ready to face the consequences. Same with women. Respect her and she’ll take care of you with gentleness and warmth, like a pleasant breeze. Rub her the wrong side and you run the risk of turning her into a Level 5 hurricane capable of leveling everything and everyone in its path.

Oh and one more fact. When a storm is formed, it’s not just air which comes at us with unbelievable force. It can call on the other 3 natural elements for company as well. Hurricanes can churn oceans and cause enormous waves to hit and submerge entire land masses. A small spark of fire can be fanned into a raging forest fire within seconds by hurricanes.

Do we really need to witness such destruction? Because believe me, that’s what women are capable of if they are pushed and pushed and pushed. Wouldn’t we be better off by respecting the women in our lives; our spouses, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends? By treating them as equals, we can not only avoid tempests, but also bring their inherent gentleness, warmth and nurturing capabilities to the fore.


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