A Hobby and Much More

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A Hobby and Much More

My first day in college and the attendance was being taken. Suddenly the teacher calls out and the entire class is stunned as we hear the sweetest voice. Everyone turns around to find a very timid girl standing there. She did make a lot of friends but was always considered as the soft spoken timid girl of the class.A HOBBY AND MUCH MORE

Soon came the elections in the second year of college. Many of us were contesting for posts in the college students union. The post for sports captain was being contested by two girls from different departments. We instantly started looking for a strong contender from our class.

As we were looking at probable candidates, a hand went up. It was Sigappi the soft spoken timid girl of our class. Only after she put her hand out did we remember that she was the captain of the college chess team and won any and every competition that she had been too. Elections came and Sigappi won with a huge margin.

On the sports day we were worried as to how would she lead the march past. Questions like would we be able to hear her command. The march past began and once gain Sigappi shocked us with her loud commands.

Then time passed and she got married to her prince charming and headed abroad. We all lost touch. Facebook was our knight in shining armor. He rescued all of us and brought us all back in touch. We discovered that Sigappi is in Singapore now. Presuming she would be housewife is how I started talking to her.

Once again she threw the Googly and shocked me once more. She is a chess coach in an international school. She has pursued her hobby and career rolled into one. Drawing inspiration from my Chess Ustad, we at Athenastake decided to work on unusual professions for women this week.

Take your hobbies and convert them into money making professions. All you need to do is dare to be different and have the courage like Sigappi to follow your passion.

She started playing chess when she was eight years old. She did get some professional help when she was in school and college. It was in Nigeria that she first started taking chess classes in the year 2003 and there has been no stopping her after that.

She laughs and tells me that it was her kids who got her into this profession. Once they headed out to school she started feeling bored and chess helped her break all barriers of language, distance and so on and so forth.

 Athena Visheshta

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    Impressed with the write up now after a while got to see if anyone has taken up your idea. Very feasible and an enjoyable one for you are doing what you love to do in the spare time.

  2. mira says:

    a hobby taken up as a career is truly a rewarding experience as the best part is you genuinely enjoy your work. not all are lucky but nothing is impossible.

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