A Little About Us

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A Little About Us

“Oh my god!!!!” the topic for the week is women in India and I still have not got my article ready. The deadline is tonight, the coordinator had already sent me reminders. What do I do now?

Let me list some ideas. Oprah? , but Sylvia has already written about her. Shall I write about how ladies are portrayed in ads and movies as either vamps or pathivrathas or girls dumb enough to fall for good for nothing morons. Alas, Aadhya has already written about that. Diana beat me to it and wrote about Malala.

What shall I write about?

My fellow Athenas have thought about the most happening ladies and issues. I have not met any of them but I feel like that I know them. We are from different walks of life. We are a motley group of ladies who have come together with a common goal and a dream.


A few of us are mothers with children ranging between the terrible twos and twenties while one or two of us are not married. While a couple of us are home makers, a few of us have a career or a business.

How did we come together like this? This is the vision of our first Athena who wanted to achieve something, who did not let anything stand in her way of achieving her dream. She always saw the silver lining in any cloud that crossed her horizon. With people who believed in her she plunged into this.

Another wise lady in our team is a young girl who passionate about her beliefs and wants to bring about a passionate change in the society around us.

Another Athena is career lady who lives life as per rules and who has zero tolerance towards injustice done to women and yearns for a positive change in the women themselves and also the society.

We also have a home maker and singer amidst our group who shares her ideas and views with us through this platform.

I should mention the fifth Athena who is also home maker and her thoughts always revolve around the issues that are being discussed and the solution that can be devised for the issues.

And finally, there is me. I work with children, passionate about books and writing.

This is the platform that we have all come together, the dreamer, the realist, the passionate, and the jack of all trades. We are the faceless Athenas who have found a voice through athenastake. We are the faceless Athenas who have dreams, dreams about a voicing out our ideas across to millions of people. We are the Athenas who believe that we can bring out a change through the power of our words. We are the Athenas who are working towards being the voice of the unknown women of India who are still struggling to find their identity. We are the motley group who believe that our destiny is in our hands not in the hands of a father or a brother or a husband or a son, they are our equals and partners but not superiors.

Hey my article about women in media is done. Well we Athenas are beginning to make our mark in this media. We are here to stay.

Athena Chaitanya

Many kinds of media and there are many women making their mark in these fields and to read up on some of them try Oprah- The first lady when it comes to mediaA true youth icon and SOS- Calling our own Krishnas for help.

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9 Responses

  1. Harsha says:

    And I wish you loads of Luck in making a Positive change in the society and also ensure to supprot in every possible way.. 😀

  2. jahidakhtar says:

    Well written and it’s Athena’s world these days :)

  3. Diana says:

    A very well-written piece. Feels really good to be acknowledged as someone yearning for and working towards positive change. I’m sure, given time, we Athenas will soar to great heights.

  4. Long live the Athenas…

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