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A Little Bit More

We are all surrounded by relationships. There are many relationships that we all share. My garbage man and I share a good morning relationship. Every morning when I go to drop my kids in the bus stop there is this hard working man that I see. His job is to collect all the garbage from all our houses in that area and bring it to the big green garbage bin. The problem is people often bring the garbage to the bin but they fling it instead of dropping it in. They are all kind of helping him by bringing the garbage to the bin and in another way they are increasing his work by throwing all the garbage out.a lit bit more

Every morning he will be there quietly picking up all the muck that is outside the bin and on the road. It’s a thankless job. When I moved in I once wished him Good morning from then on he wishes me and vice versa and I am guaranteed a nice warm smile every morning.

In most of the relationships that we have we all believe that a lot of give and take is involved. Problems arise when you start giving things that the other person doesn’t want to take. Relationships are very complicated and it takes a lot of keep them good is a myth. A small word like sorry can change relationships of hate into love within a few seconds. A gentle smile can change the worst moods into the best. An ice cream with a friend even by the roadside can make you feel instant happiness.

This week this is exactly what we are going to see. What is it that is required to fuel relationship? Like vehicles, people also need some sort of fuel to function; smiles, gently words, silent listening and so on and so forth. Different relationships require different kinds of fuel. So what is it that helps you people tick?

At Athenastake we ladies have each other’s support. We laugh at each other and give a pat to each other and somehow distances have never mattered in our relationships. The fuel in our relationship is the drive to make a change. Consciously or unconsciously many of you keep us going with your comments and the much needed fuel (encouragement) that we need.

Fuel your relationship with the little little things and see how wonderful life can get.

Athena Visheshta

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  1. Indrani says:

    Yes a little bit more helps us go a long way in a happy cheerful manner. :)
    Lovely post!

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