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Last year when Pepsi Co. CEO Indira Nooyi in an interview said “ Women can’t  have it all it sparked a global debate , but majority of women had only one thing to say “ It is an age old truth but when Indira Nooyi says It Hits headlines”.

She also referred to an incident when she happily came home to announce her promotion as CEO her mom at 8:45 pm asked her to go and buy milk for the house and once at home she is first wife , mother,  daughter in law and nothing else. Once again dear ladies this is the story of most women across the globe.

For a woman to pursue her goals, have a career or even work full time she needs a tremendous support system starting from parents, spouse, family members and even children, the irony is despite all this there are very few who can truly say “Yes We Have It All”.

So , are women just fretting , brooding and accepting life as it is? Oh no, What we are seeing today is a tremendous transformation in attitude where women with their indomitable spirit have managed to find a way out of a no way situation. They have redefined their life and goals to live life fully and create A WIN WIN SITUATION FOR ALL.

           To begin with they are today proudly accepting the fact that presence and participation in household activities plays a significant role in creating a successful family unit. Most importantly children these days are susceptible to various distractions, tend to get influenced by outside environment and are facing a lot of academic stress. It has become necessary for at least one parent to devote time to tackle all this and when it comes to that the role of a mother it is irreplaceable as is the IMPRINT OF HER UPBRINGING THAT REFLECTS ON THE CHILD’S CHARACTER.

Keeping all this in mind women have wholeheartedly embraced options like work from home, part time, flexi hours etc. and consider a pinch in pay packet or delayed promotions a small price to pay. At the end of the day even the employer who offer these options have no regrets as these women have proved that they can be equally efficient and productive working out of office.

There are others who do not have the luxury of such options but even they are tweaking their careers choosing roles that do not require stretching long hours or travel. Multitasking being their forte they have smartly chalked their routine , outsourcing mundane tasks to spend quality time with family.

       There are also a few who have  completely changed their fields from banking to baking and software programmers to school teachers out of their own will and not compulsion.

     Today homemakers refuse to be confined to kitchen and housekeeping and are pursuing academic courses, arts and even using their creative skills to make their own money.

      Finally whether they are working full time, part time or homemakers women today are more conscious of their individuality and are squeezing out self time to take care of themselves by concentrating on grooming and fitness, pursuing a hobby and spending time  with friends.

     Women today are masters of their decisions and are not easily cowed down. They want to do justice to all roles they play by setting realistic expectations. They want to cherish moments and experiences and to achieve all this their mantra is



Athena Mira

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  1. Ram Chan says:

    Yet another good writeup and curious to know how you wull compare Indra Nooyi’s viewpoints with that of Sheryl Sandburg”s lean in ” ,.

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