A Parody???

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A Parody???

a PARODYI need some help. Urgently and desperately. I mean, I think I might have accidentally stepped into a time machine, gone back in time and landed in some other era. Either that, or I’m going nuts and bonkers.

Don’t laugh, Athenas. I’m being serious. I mean, I could have sworn that I read about someone claiming they would burn their daughter alive if she ever indulges in premarital sex…. Let me think. Oh yeah, I got it now. The defense counsel for two of the accused in the Delhi gang-rape case made this outrageous statement. Forgive me for asking, but isn’t burning people alive a crime now? Because last time I checked, it was in the Middle Ages that burning people at the stakes was common. And since when was indulging in consensual pre-marital sex a crime? Cause for social ostracism maybe, but a crime??? I can’t remember. Perhaps my memory is failing me.

Would someone be kind enough to explain to the esteemed gentleman that what he’s suggesting is actually “honor” killing, that it’s a crime and there’s nothing honorable about it? And is he actually suggesting that only women who indulge in pre-marital sex and go out at night with male friends get raped? Now I’m REALLY confused. What about all those cases of women returning from work getting raped? Or virgins, young children and elderly women? They don’t count as victims in the esteemed counsel’s eyes, apparently. Either that, or I’m going prematurely senile.

Trying to defend the client is fine, but implying that if women are kept under control by male members of the family and kept from indulging in pre-marital sex would prevent crimes against women is not just preposterous, it’s laughable. Misogynist seems too small a word in this context.

And while we are at it, would someone please explain to the gentleman in question the difference between consensual and non-consensual? He appears confused.

For the zillionth time…God, I’m tired of saying this over and over again, but here goes. Rape is a crime. It does not matter what a woman is wearing, how active her sex life is or how attractive she is. She has the right to say NO. And when she says NO and still someone forces himself upon her, it is RAPE. There is no excuse for it and no way around it. It is RAPE. Plain and simple. Am I making any sense????

Please stop trying to sully the reputation of the victims. I’m sick and tired of saying this too. And for crying out loud, please, please, please stop defending the actions of the perpetrators and STOP BLAMING THE VICTIMS. Have I said this before? Oh wait, yes I think I have. But oh well, who can blame me for sounding repetitive when every second day, someone or other makes public statements about how it’s the woman’s fault???

One final piece of advice for the esteemed gentleman in question. Instead of wanting to burn your daughter, it might be a better idea to teach your son to treat every woman he comes across with respect and dignity. That, esteemed counselor, might actually serve some purpose. I sincerely hope I’m making sense at last.


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6 Responses

  1. “Honor killing” is an oxymoron.

  2. Vijay Prabhu says:

    India is a backword country because of these rituals and customs. sic!! cant change them cant put them in jail

  3. shee_shee12345 says:

    For everything if its the girls fault then why is it that there are more men in prisons, more number of accidents are caused by men, more number of people ending lives using liquor, cigarettes and drugs are all men.
    If we are such a big problem, why cant men stay away from us. If nature designed for us to be together in order to grow then it possible for men to make statements like this?

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