A Rainy Date

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A Rainy Date

 Rain, rain,

go away.
Come again another day.
Little Johny wants to play.

Image Courtesy Google

Image Courtesy Google

Remember talking about rain & romance?????? I bet you do. Now when it comes to that, what is that I would call romance in the rain? Hmmmmm……….. lemme think.

 Oh no!!!!! I don’t even need to think about this; as my dream date depends on RAIN. Those teeny weeny droplets of water falling from I don’t know where, soaking me and drenching my soul with love and longing. Sigh……………………..

 That, fellow dreamers, is just the beginning of my perfect date. And keeping me company is the love of my life. This all happens in the vast garden of a palatial Greek villa by a river side complete with a patio and a pool and a fountain and…. Leave it, the list is endless.

 There we are, just the two of us, in complete privacy doing nothing but enjoying the rains while holding hands as if there no next moment. The silence between us is telling a thousand stories and is too precious to be broken with words. We keep sitting there on a rock for who knows how long and gazing towards the horizon, stealing glances towards each other and occasionally to the river to enjoy and get amazed by how the drops fall into it and become one. All this while the only thing we can think of is that we have become one like this only, for eternity and now nothing in this world can separate us.

 After an eternity the rain stops and here we are on our porch sitting leisurely, all bathed and dry sipping hot coffee and leaning over each other admiring the beauty of nature which is revealed like a magic after the shower. It seems as if rain is the lover the grass, the trees, the rivers, the birds and every single particle of earth were waiting for. Now since they have made love to their extremes, there they are all blushing and beautiful like a newlywed girl.

We sit there with an endless supply of coffee and love watching the dusk coming and slowly covering the day with a veil that will ultimately turn into night. Night which is full of stars shining above us, reminding that however dark maybe the times there is always a light somewhere and the night will lift its veil revealing a dawn that will ultimately give way to a bright, sunny day. Both of us taking that message that there are going to be days when that will happen to our relationship also but then we will be together and we will be able to convert dusk to dawn.


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7 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    Enjoying the rains holding hands, ah…..miss those romantic days when we had the time and no kids running around and doing WWE all over us. Now romance has a different flavor all together.

  2. Harsha says:

    Romantic is all I can say..Enjoying the rains with your loved ones with coffee–What else more you need.. :-)

  3. sreenivasan says:

    Greek Villa, river side etc etc, no wonder all you girls need a prince charming. I have my girl and thank God she has crossed the rosy rosy age but ya, I still know she wants some surprise deep inside, I guess that’s why you ladies are doing an entire week on dream dates.

  4. Fayaz Pasha says:

    Hmm! a nice read Athenas. I was wondering what a rainy date would be as there are many varieties of dates in the Middle-East that get ripe only in the hot summer. And then reading through the post, I realized that it was indeed a romantic date on a rainy day………. LOL!

  5. diana says:

    Only coffee what about melted chocolate 😀

  6. Aadhya says:

    and some donuts…………………

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