A Tribute to those with Special Abilities

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A Tribute to those with Special Abilities

TRIBUTE TO SPECIALLY ABLEDMost people do not want a child with special needs because of one main reason is that they can never grow up to be independent. Is this true???? Please NO, it’s not true. There are way too many examples that have had different kinds of special needs and yet have made it big in life. These people are an inspiration not only to those who are specially abled but to people like us who think we are normal but in my thinking have more special needs than them.

Let’s look at some examples that have really changed the way the people look at them and each one of them didn’t have an easy life. Sudha Chandran lost her leg in an accident but seeing her dance is a treat in itself. While all others said she couldn’t dance ever again. Her doctor showed her a faint light in the form of a prosthetic Jaipur foot. She had the herculean task of getting used to this prosthetic and then mastering to dance with it. Do see the video to see if you can find that she has a disability or is it her special ability.

 Lynne Wang has only one fully functional arm, she is barely ten years ago and she is a power house of talent. This little kid is a top class swimmer. She does the difficult butterfly stroke and is part of the junior Olympics team of her country. At ten she needs no one, when she is an adult; she is surely going to be more independent than most of us.

The author of The Art of Choosing is Sheena Iyengar. This courageous lady lost her sight to an eye genetic disorder called retinitis pigmentosa. She didn’t give up; she didn’t say I cannot do anything. She chose to make a life for herself.  She has written many books and most of them have been best sellers in their respective fields.

Helen Keller lived in a world with no light and no sound. She was deaf blind. Anne Sullivan her teacher made her independent by teaching her to communicate by writing words on her palm. Today anybody who is deaf blind or not everybody knows Helen Keller and her achievements.

Frida Kahlo was affected by polio. She gave direction to her sorrows. She made paintings reflecting her pains. She is a world renowned painter and till date painters from all over the world try to recreate her work. This Mexican lady used bright colours that were not present in her life and yet made it to the top of the art world.

All these people have few things in common

  1. A spirit which says never say die.
  2. A support group which was rock solid.

With the power of these two factors, they have changed their lives in many ways. They are independent, famous, success stories, inspiration to millions etc. They do not need our pity, they just need the opportunity. A person who is lame can get to any office on any floor if we can give them an opportunity and provide them with a ramp. Unfortunately we are all too busy and too selfish to worry about anyone else. Athena always fought for a cause, come on ladies; let’s also fight for this noble cause. Let’s give those who are specially abled a chance to be and live like us. Let’s not put them in a separate world, let’s embrace them.

 Athena Visheshta

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  1. sreenivasan says:

    There are a lot more of these unsung heroes, would love to read about some more of them.

  2. Aadhya says:

    with time we will kep bringing more awe inspiring stories from all walks of life for you.

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