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a woman of substance a women

        Most of you will agree with me when I say that it is easier to decipher Pythagoras theorem than try and understand a woman’s nature. A woman’s touch and presence adds a much needed color, life, chaos and exuberance to an otherwise dull and monotonous existence. But, a woman’s nature is also a blend of contrasting qualities.

       She can be emotional yet mentally strong, sensitive on exterior but tough from within, love and hate with equal fervor, on one hand if she gives unconditionally she can also take ruthlessly and finally she who is a creator is also capable merciless destruction. These  facets in a woman’s nature can also be seen in Nature and we at Athenas Take would like to foray into this aspect of A Woman Being An Embodiment Of The Five Elements Of Nature.

Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Sky are the key elements of Nature. Though these elements coexist and are interdependent each of these have their unique qualities and power and play a pivotal role in sustenance of Nature.

 Air which  is the very basis of life cannot be seen but can be felt, water the elixir of life which can dissolve most substances and can even flush out toxins, fire the very first source of light and heat and also a protector earth the mother who bears the burden of life and sky which is all encompassing vast and infinite.

   There is a good and bad side of everything and this holds true even for these elements. These elements which nurture life can also be a source of destruction when they unleash their fury. A gentle soothing breeze can turn into a terrible hurricane, the indolent still water into ravaging floods, the small burning flame into raving fire that engulfs everything with impetuous ferocity, the ever tolerant earth creating tremors of such intensity that can wipe out everything on its surface and the pleasant blue sky that can turn ugly and ferocious with lightning and thunder.

       Every action has an equal and opposite reaction is the law of nature and in most cases the destructive side is exhibited only when provoked and misused. Isn’t it true even in case of women?

     Naari Shakti Pancha Shakti, this is theme we will be highlighting in the coming posts. We are going to correlate a woman’s nature with every element individually. Hope it will be an enriching experience for you and finally make concur to the fact that every woman is A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE – A SUBSTANCE OF FIVE ELEMENTS.

Athena Mira

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