After All She Is A Girl

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After All She Is A Girl

When we think about ingrained thoughts which need to be thrown out into the dustbin, the first thoughts that comes to my mind is “Why does she need to study, after all she is a girl?”

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Image Courtesy Google

This happens in the life of a girl more than once. Which school to get her admitted in, criteria is not that she should get into the best schools but it’s important that she get into the school closest to the house because after all she is a girl?

Once again if she is not faring well in a particular subject and wants to attend tuitions, the reasons given to refuse her will be “after all you are a girl, what are you going to do by studying, just manage something and get pass marks.”

The kind of logic given by family members when it comes to college never stops to amaze me, “Do you have to go to college?” What sort of a question is this? In today’s world people even asking if higher education is a must actually gives me cold shivers sitting in Chennai where the heat is always at its peak.

If she gets through the mega hurdle of convincing them that college education is a must, hats off to the girl. Many parents get their daughters a graduate degree so that its easier to get her married.

This is my favorite part, to select what should the girl pursue in higher education, you should listen to what some people have to say. Engineering or doctorate is only an option if they want to get her married into a very big family. The option which everybody seems to want is “home science”. This is because after all she has to become a home maker and manage the house, even if she is a mathematics genius or a science topper she should just quit and sit at home.

Many of us have this misconception that this happens in the lower classes. It happens mostly in the middle class and upper middle class families. The lower classes know the importance of money and the girls are trained to pick up jobs so that they can contribute and make ends meet.

Before I get carried away and wander away from the point why everything is only ‘after all she is a girl’ why isn’t everything chosen for her as she is a girl who needs to be nurtured and cared for and cherished. Why isn’t her choice and her talent a deciding factor? Is it the job of a woman to only look after her family, cant she handle both her family and her work? Why isn’t a girl allowed to dream? Why isn’t there any value for her knowledge and talent?

This is one stereotype which needs to be broken. Every girl is a person on her own and she has every right to live her life the way she wants it. If she wants to give her family priority that should be her choice. If she wishes to manage her personal and professional life simultaneously that too is her decision and should be respected. It’s time to change, like women drivers need to drive safe and better in the same way after all she is a girl is  a concept that we all as a community should do away with.

Athena Visheshta

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14 Responses

  1. numerounity says:

    Very beautifully written!

  2. matheikal says:

    No doubt, there are still a lot of stereotypes about women in our country and they need be broken so that women are able to achieve their potential.

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      Breaking the stereotypes is a start and achieving potential is the goal, lets hope that you and me can pave the way for women to start and then get there.

  3. Aliasgar Mukhtiar says:

    beautifully written

  4. Indrani says:

    This kind of thinking hinders the progress of nation as a whole and not just of that girl.Hope the present and future generations will be more sensible.

  5. I think now a days parents got some awareness about educating the girl children. However, the major problem is the domination and restriction over career choices. Still there is a huge division of education labelled on a gender basis. This is changing, but as a whole education system has a problem so when it is addressed this bias also will hopefully get ridden.

    Overall Girls are doing far better than the yesteryears, there will be a dominance shift in the future where women will lead men! May be that day we may argue for the Men’s rights! :)

  6. Albert Pakianathan says:

    Stop saying society has to change — who is the society it is us, how many women(mothers) will stand and fight with their husband for the daughter’s rights? It is we who have to make a difference — let us stand for the rights of our daughters.

  7. shee_shee12345 says:

    The mothers have to make a stand but many cannot fight back as they are scared of their counterparts or are dependent on them. Awareness has to be created for mothers to make a stand and for fathers to support their wives in this stand. No matter what the future of the girl is more than important.

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