Always a Victim

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Always a Victim

Rape is the ultimate debasement of Humanity in its lowest form.   The utter devastation a woman experiences can never be explained profoundly.  The Rape becomes embedded in her pattern of life and can never be separated.  She will always be known as a woman who was raped.  A victim usually goes through four stages before the process of rehabilitation begins.ALWAYS A VICTIM

1)      Shock

2)      Denial

3)      Acceptance

4)      Healing

The child rape survivor is a victim who does not know what really has happened to her.  The wound is not healed till she grows up and is able to understand what kind of abuse she has gone through in her childhood.  Only when she accepts her past she is able to start healing.

The young teenager full of life and dreams is suddenly faced with a harsh reality of most intimate form of physical abuse.  Her regular school life is affected and ugliness of the situation sets in.  Parents should step in as friends to help her overcome inferiority and insecurity to make her feel safe and loved can make her start her life in a fresh way.

The life of blissfully married women comes to a standstill when she is brutally raped.  She becomes a victim of depression and relation becomes strained with her husband eventually ending up in divorce.

One can never be too sure of length of time for the healing to begin.  It varies upon case to case from 6 months to 6 years.  We as ordinary human beings failed to comprehend the workings of victims mind as it is not only the body that has been violated but also the dignity, confidence and the very soul of the person.  The humiliation and ordeal through which the women undergo is hard to express.  Our society has always been harsh and uncompromising in its view of the victim.  She is usually seen as the perpetrator of the crime.  This only makes it harder for her to come out of her shell of grief and commence her life in a normal manner.

Some of the things speed up the process of rehabilitation of the victims, such as,

i)                    Arranging a psychological, medical and legal assistance to the victim.

ii)                   Providing counselling not once or twice but periodically over a year to help them avoid depression and feelings of self-loathing.

iii)                 Filing complaint against the rapist and getting conviction goes a long way in restoring faith in herself which is the best medicine for the injured soul.

iv)                 The supreme court has issued a directive for the compensation of the rape victims in addition to compensation for the mental and physical anguish, the court has ordered compensation for the loss of earnings due to pregnancy and expenses of child birth which occurs due to rape irrespective of the fact that the conviction of the rapist has taken place or not.

v)                  Providing support to the young victim for education, professional training for self-employment and even arranging a secure shelter to the victim for as long period as the circumstances warrant.

Physically the victim is healed but is emotionally scarred for the whole of her life.  Here only the parents, friends and in some cases husbands play a vital role in bringing back the normalcy in the victims life.  She is to be treasured, made to feel secured and most of all loved unconditionally so that the rebirth of the new person takes place.

Athena Shafiya

Women are freedom are like two sides of a coin; together and yet not there. Rape is a harsh reality and to know more about it try Rape – it’s my fault…..Brutal murder of innocence and Rape- When is it really over?

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2 Responses

  1. mira says:

    true the trauma is something that takes a long time to recover and sometimes it can be lifelong but the steps you have mentioned are some which we need to carry forward in the right direction and render maximum support to these victims to get back to normalcy.

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      Normalcy is sure that we have to aim for. Take it one step at a time and head towards making life livable and enjoyable again. Agree with you Mira that the trauma is something that cannot be forgotten over night.

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