An Action Can Speak A Thousand Words

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An Action Can Speak A Thousand Words

actions can speak a thoudans wordsI had shifted to my new apartment and was hosting my first lunch party for my relatives on my husband’s side.  I had around ten to fifteen of them staying with us the night before the day of the party. It was around six in the morning and he had gone to pick some of them from the railway station. I was getting ready to take a bath. My dad called me up. He was supposed to come for the party at around ten in the morning.

He had something grave to impart to me.  My aunt, my mother’s brother’s wife had passed away. I was leaning on the wardrobe and slid down to the floor. I had house full of guests and more were coming in. I was shattered. I went out to sit in the steps and waited for my husband with my sister in law giving me company. As soon as he came I launched myself into his arms and burst out crying. He hugged me back tightly. The hug spoke of his understanding of my predicament. It said, “I understand what you are going through. You want to go and see her, but you are caught up here. I know your pain and I respect it. I will find ways to alleviate your pain. I am there for you.”

I met a couple of my cousins after seven years in a wedding. The hug given by them said, “I miss you so much. We are busy in our lives but you were never far away from our thoughts. Though we are not in touch not a day went on without me thinking about you.”

In the same wedding I met another cousin who is quite elder to me. He just caught me by the shoulder and hugged me tight. It said, “My god, the young girl whom I knew has grown up to a lady. Whatever it may be you are still my younger sister. “

A month ago my father had to go for a biopsy. We were all dreading his result.  I got the news that the biopsy result was Benign and not malign in my work place. My colleague hugged me. The hug said,” I am so glad for you. I knew the terror you were going through. I am so happy for you that your fears are groundless now.”

The day after my marriage I went to my mother in laws place. After a couple of days I came back. My brother received me with a hug. It said, “Though we have been away from each other for so many times due to so many reasons, this was different. I know that things are going to change. You are not only my sister but some one else’s wife too. I am going to miss those days when it was just the two of us. I am happy and sad at the same time”

Every day morning when my children hug me as soon as they get up, it tells me, “Mom without a hug from you the day does not progress well.”

Every day of our life there are so many things that happen to us and so many of them touch our lives in a million ways.  Every action narrates a story by itself. A hug shows you care, you matter to the others and it heals.

When we were babies we were all hugged why deny when you are older?

Athena Chaitanya

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13 Responses

  1. Harsha says:

    A Jaadu ki Jhappi from near and dear ones at times ease us from inside…Sometimes a much needed hug.. :-)

  2. its true..sometimes a hug is all you need!! :)

  3. sreenivasan says:

    A hug could mean a lot of trouble as well. Like kids hugging you when you are in a hurry to get to work, you cant stop them, you cant stop yourself and yet you have to go. Surely that one moment means a lot to me. Agreed that an action can speak more than a thousand words.

  4. Saru Singhal says:

    A hug says many things. For me, it is a sign of comfort and warmth.


  5. Chaitanya says:

    A hug can tell you so many things that you might not find the right words to express.

  6. says:

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