And The Award Goes To……………

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And The Award Goes To……………

Image Courtesy Google

Image Courtesy Google

What is technology? It is anything that is going to help us to make our work better and easier.
I read news some time back about how a woman in Kerala had invented a machine to wash her clothes by peddling as they were not able to invest in a washing machine.

That got me thinking, we seem to have hordes and hordes of men inventors but only a few notable women inventors.
Right from the early ages when man was out there fighting the wild animals and trying to protect his family the women folk stood shoulder to shoulder with him to protect her family and fend for her family. Along the way somewhere the idea that women are meant to be at home and are only fit to deliver babies came around.

I have been researching woman inventors. There are notable few. Did you know that the first ever known woman inventor was not awarded a patent as it was not the policy to issue patents to women and the other minorities? She invented a method to clean and the cure that the settlers got from the natives. Her invention paved way to make other food products out of corn.

How many of you drive a car? The windshield wipers that we have are the result of an invention by a woman named Mary Anderson, who saw a bus driver struggling to drive through snow as he had to stop frequently to manually wipe the snow from his windshield.

Let us think about the armed forces. When they go out to save others by putting their life on line, they wear bullet proof vest made using Kevlar, which was again invented by a woman named Stephanie Kwolek.
This is the time when many of us do not have maids and have slowly started to invest in dishwasher like in the west. Again it was invented by a woman named Josephine Cochrane, who invented as she did not want her maid to break all her fine china.

Fire escape, Submarine telescope and lamp, circular saw the list goes on. You choose whichever field, medicine, army, computers, food industry we have had woman inventors.

Women depend on a lot of technology now days and do a lot of multi tasking. One of my colleagues does her shopping, paying her bills, booking movie tickets and even recording of songs through her phone. Another colleague of mine uses the microwave, mixer, vegetable cutter, induction stove to finish her cooking under an hour.

We use whatsapp to stay connected to our friends, internet do download information.
When a woman manages her home , her work place, her children’s play groups, classes and the other thousand one things with technology through multi tasking why do we have less woman inventors?

They were suppressed in the better part of the previous century but now they are breaking all the bonds and are making leaps and strides in every field. There are women from every day walk of life who are inventing new things to make ends meet, out of necessity or out of the sheer will to and thirst for knowledge. We need to be really glad for the women inventors who have paved the way for the others to follow their path in satisfying the urge to succeed and thrive.

Athena Chaitanya

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3 Responses

  1. Women has in-born managerial skills. Their keen minds make them easily adapt them selves to contraption. So, it is these innate qualities that make them invent things.

    Nice tribute to all women inventors.

  2. diana says:

    This shows that women are just as capable as men where scientific inventions are concerned. All that is needed is to break the social conventions and beliefs about what women can and cannot do.

  3. Aadhya says:

    I agree to both of you. A housewife can be credited with more inventions in a year than a scientist in a day.

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