Another Year Of Achievements

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Another Year Of Achievements


         The new year has arrived and with it is pinned all our hopes, aspirations and of course goals to be achieved as after all the year  gone by is always assessed by its successes and failures.

                 Dear Athenas’ many of you may have had a successful year with achievements like top rank, promotion, prizes won, recognition which add a positive  zing to the new year but for the others there is no need to begin the new year on a dejected note as You Too Have Proud Achievements To Be Carried Forward. Surprised !!! Well, all achievements are not explicit that go with a reward. There are a few you may not even be aware of. Let me tell what they are.

  • As an individual if you have helped a person in need, made a contribution for a cause or even provided emotional comfort for a person in distress.
  • As a true patriot if you have displayed civic sense, respected public property and did your bit for the Swachh Bharat campaign.
  • As a student if what you have read and seen has made a difference in your thinking and opinions as after all changing mindsets and getting top marks is the ultimate aim of education.
  • As a professional if you have enjoyed your work, helped colleagues and earned a good name by showing team spirit.
  • As a friend if you have whole heartedly given the space to your friends to be themselves as that is what friends expect from each other and not to forget if you have been a true Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed.
  •  As a daughter if you have taken care of your parents when they were ill, helped them out with chores and spent quality time instead of a hasty hi or a time constrained visit.
  • As a sister you have had those full blown shouting sessions and arguments with your sibling (you see that is how siblings express their love for each other) and managed to guide them in the right path.
  • As  a wife if your hubby gave you a pat on your shoulder and genuinely appreciated your slogging and of course if you have successfully managed to coax,  convince or  even fight it out with him most of the times in household matters, outings and most importantly shopping decisions.
  • As a mother if you have been a pillar of support for your child and have skillfully tackled illness, exams, competitions and tantrums.
  • As a home maker if you have run your household without any major glitches and made real the saying HOME SWEET HOME.
  •  And finally as yourself if you have taken time to enjoy your own company , do what you like just for yourself, taken care of your health and fitness.

 (Okay somethings can be carried forward )

 So Dear Athenas all of you are achievers in your own individual way. It is these achievements that

1. Make you what you are.

2. Give you a true sense of joy and satisfaction.

3. And pave the way for other achievements like promotion, ranks , prizes etc.


Athena Mira

The entire team of wishes you a happy 2015 filled with the best of all that you desire and more. Celebration calls for a lot of things and you can try some pampering gifts for yourselves and your loved ones.



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5 Responses

  1. Saru Singhal says:

    Yes, I have done few of those things you have mentioned here. Thanks for a positive vibe in the post and for bringing cheer.

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. Fayaz Pasha says:

    I wish that people do set their goals based on the above list. They will have much more achievements by the end of the year.

    Many congrats for all achievements and wish you all Athenas a belated Happy New Year.

  3. Aadhya says:

    Hiii Mira!!!!!!!!
    thanks for such a lovely post right on the start of new year.

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