Are You Actually Trying To Stop Being A Verbal Doormat?

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Are You Actually Trying To Stop Being A Verbal Doormat?

are you actually trying to stop being verbally abused

No, I didn’t want to write this and yes I am mighty pissed off. All because of the scandalized reactions of many of you over my choice of words in the last post.

Yes, many of you found the language offensive and unfit to be there on a public forum. I don’t agree but I don’t mind. ‘Each to their own’ is one of my mottos in life.

In fact a few years back maybe even I would have had the same reaction but that’s not the point here. ‘So what’s the point?? You arrogant girl, first you used foul language and then you are the one pissed off??’

Calm down again those who are getting offended. I am not pissed off because you were offended but I am pissed off because the words I used became acceptable to be used to me over a period of time.

A small town girl who wishes Good Morning to her servants also and never heard abusive language while growing up gets exposed to such vocabulary and so frequently that it becomes a part of acceptable words list for her.

How did that happen?  More important why did it happen? It happened because people around me used such language and people like you and I thought that so what, it’s none of my business. It happened because people can object to what they find untasteful even if they can simply ignore it as they are a few written words in an article which is addressing an important issue but they ignore when these things happen around us.

I am not trying to justify my choice of words, I made that choice and I can be much more foulmouthed when the need arises. But I am also the person who never calls anyone a BA***TRD or its equivalent in any local language because it means I am calling his mother characterless. I never call anyone a CH**** also because that means I am degrading myself, a woman.

But I just want to pose a question to those who have or had any objections – Do you object when you hear such name calling in person? Have you never ever used such words yourself?

Or do you readily object to eve teasing on the road or a child being employed at the house of your neighbor or relative? Do you object to the domestic abuse faced by your daughter or ask her to manage? In a nutshell do you object to anything that we here at Athena’s Take are trying to fight and abolish from the society? Be it big or small but Do You Object?

I just want to request you all that please just the way you spent a precious few minutes of your life to object about a few words, which were not going to do any harm to anyone except shaming people who deserve the words I used for them, OBJECT to everything around you that should be stopped, OBJECT to the small fight around the corner and OBJECT to the national issues of bribery, dowry and farmer suicides. And you all are free to object to anything or everything that I write but Love me or Hate me but you can’t ignore me. I am here to force your attention towards what I feel needs attention and even if it means that you don’t like what I write that means you have taken the time out to read what I have written and publicity is always good.

With love,


This is a concept very close to my heart. Most women in India just let themselves to be used as doormats and that too in many forms. This article is a follow up to Stop being a verbal doormat. To read more and learn how not to be a doormat try The Workplace Doormat – Is That You?Casual Crushes And Being The Marital Doormat and Who needs to change?

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