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Art Straight From the Heart

uma boat

In a famous international school a workshop for all the teachers was conducted. The topic of the day was your favorite items. Most of the teachers couldn’t even come up with answers to half the questions. The instructor then changed the topic and questioned the ladies about what were their kids or husbands favorite items and the ladies just came to life. There were answers pouring in. It was at this time that the instructor made them understand that they are doing so many things for their family that they have completely forgotten themselves.

uma village

Is your life colorful??????????

Isn’t this so true? Doesn’t it ring a bell in your head too? This was when we at wanted to start the talent corner. Sure enough we did and the lady who came out first and shared her talent with us is my college classmate and close friend Umayal.uma forest

Life is beautiful and she wanted to enjoy the beauty of nature for prolonged periods of time. Sitting outside and enjoying nature is one luxury that we women cannot indulge in and so she decided to make nature a part of her life. This was when one day as she sat and saw some very beautiful greeting cards with awesome pictures on it and she felt that she could capture that beauty for a longer time by converting it into art.

uma lilies 1

Soon a picture of basket of flowers and fruits motivated her. There was a lot of running around and getting things set. She soon had her canvas and paints and all that she needed and most important of all she was charged up to venture out on this journey and enjoy. Soon from still art she moved to painting sceneries.

uma pink flowers

A week was all that was needed for her to see her finished paintings. She loved this time that she worked with paints. Whether it was freezing time, bringing out emotions via paints or just finding so much peace amidst all the tensions, Umayal felt all that while painting. Today this mother of two hasn’t given up on paintings yet. She does a little here and there, has tried her hand at cards and even quilling.

uma peacock

Everyone is not a Picasso or a Michelangelo but every one of us can use art to change the way our home looks and feels. Umayal has framed her paintings and sure enough her home looks awesome.  What started out as making small paintings for friends and family members has become a vital part of her identity.

Motivation has many forms. Painting is the motivation that was needed for Umayal to fill up her life with the best of colors. If you wish to share your talents with us, please shoot us a mail at

Encouragement is the best form of motivation and so don’t forget to leave a comment about the beautiful paintings done. Whether its a positive or negative comment, all comments are welcome as it will motivate Umayal and many more of us to restart our talents, to restart spending time for ourselves and to restart a new chapter in life again.

Athena Visheshta

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24 Responses

  1. Raji says:


  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    The lilies you painted for my wedding is always there with me, its so correct when you say that nature can be converted into art and made permanent in our lives. Love your paintings and waiting for a shot of the new one.

  3. Geetha Muruganandam says:

    Very beautiful and inspirational paintings!!!!!

  4. J. Swarna Lakshmi Kiran Kumar says:

    This painting does give off much energy.
    I love the colours.
    Mam, you have such a wonderful gift!!!!!
    Keep u the good work.
    update more.

  5. Chaitanya says:

    Beautiful paintings. Wish I could do that.
    I agree with Visheshta….I am a teacher too and can perfectly identify with what she has written. If you ask me what my husband likes to do or my children prefer to do I can answer in a jiffy, but if you ask my favourite dish I really have to think. My passion was dancing before I got married, if I was happy I danced, if I was sad I danced, if I was bored I danced…it was the do all and end all. If you ask me now how much of dancing I do it is zilch… …I have forgotten myself, being so busy a wife first, then a mother and the other roles in my life…..Wish I could give life to my passion again like Ms.Umayal. Kudos ma’m.
    Great going Athena!!!!!!!!!

  6. umayal says:

    Thanks for the lovely comments. I have my hands full with two little ones and a pre school and the house work. I find time to do crafts and colouring with the little ones but yet to dedicate time to my hobbies. Thank you sheeba. Inspires me to make time for my hobbies.


    The paintings are lovely but the scenery lacks depth. The reflections in the water are perfect, Paintings of birds, animals humans needs attention to proportion of the body parts. Keep at it you have the talent

  8. Sheela Mercy says:

    A quick look at this painting and I see a complete story. A beautiful lake filled with lovely boats, situated beside is a village which is thriving with activity, lovely green forest, beautiful white lilies which will make anyone’s heart melt with joy, a pretty bunch of flowers and a pretty peacock. Every element in all these paintings made me feel happy. Umayal a big congrats to you for keeping your passion alive and giving it such beautiful colors. I have been thinking for two days now and still haven’t found out what my hobby is.

  9. Ram Sreenivsan says:

    The beautiful country side picture has been depicted very nicely. I feel that the peacock and the bunch of pink flowers look like the ones that you started out with. The clarity and perfection is there in the boat picture.

  10. Badrinath says:

    Madam I have no idea of painting. When I see these I feel happy. In the world today nobody has time for themselves, its a must to find time for us. Even if its five minutes but just for us.

  11. jahid akhtar says:

    Wow! beautiful paintings. So you are an artist !!

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      Not me sir, I am only gifted with the gift of Gab, this is my friend from college who impressed us all with her art and passion for art.

  12. Sigappi says:

    Hi Uma,
    wonderful paitings Uma!!!
    waiting to see your more paintings!!!
    Even your hands are filled with kids and works, please do painting regularly!!!
    sheeba welldone!!!

  13. umayal says:

    Thanks everyone. Sheeba I enjoyed sharing it with you as much as you enjoyed writing it.

  14. I absolutely loved the first two paintings Athena. They have something very charming about them, kinda spoke to me..

  15. mira says:

    these are wonderful paintings..good job loved them

  16. sylvia Sherwood says:


  17. p parameshwar raju says:

    I saw the images with a friend, who is my curator and researching on my work in our studio and we feel that her hand is good, in fact koeli says there is an element of sweetness in her treatment of the medium. Her rendering of the shadows is soft and the entire image has a sense of gentleness, But it is always a good idea to keep trying to push the boundaries of skill to a masterful ability.She must pursue her art with constant practice of outdoors and still lives, portraitures if possible. looking at images by great masters would also improve her skills.

  18. umayal says:

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. Will keep practising sir.

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