Attack and Defense for the Specially Abled

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Attack and Defense for the Specially Abled

education and awarenessSurely you will agree with me that if you want to survive and succeed in today’s world you need to be a warrior. As a warrior you need something to defend yourself and then you need something to protect you; what is known as the spear and the shield. People with special abilities too require attacking and defending themselves.

Only when you can attack; you can move forward. When I say attack I don’t mean harm a person, attack is the zest and zeal to strive forward; a determination which pushes you to make a mark for yourself. To live is easy just eat, sleep and follow the basics but to stand out in a crowd, to get noticed you have to have that drive.

Specially abled people or disabled people often get into a self pity zone. They feel and believe that they cannot do anything on their own. This feeling low, being depressed can be beaten by only one weapon and that is education.

Now, why is education so important? It is very important for anyone and is that extra bit important for a person with a special ability. When you have the weapon of knowledge with you, you know exactly where you stand. As a person with special needs it is vital to know, why you have this disability, when did it start, who caused it etc? When you know your history you are better equipped to take on the future.

Education breaks a lot of Myths. A blind person cannot read, is a myth. One who knows brail can read. A person with sight disorders cannot use a computer. This is another myth; there is software like Jaws which help them by reading out what’s on the page.

A person who is lame or who is an amputee cannot walk; they can even dance, have a look at actress Sudha Chandran. Somebody who is deaf and dumb can only be kept at home; another big myth. People with all sorts of special abilities are being DJs, winning Olympic medal, creating amazing paintings, making the world of gadgets lot easier by designing awesome applications the list just goes on and on and on.

So, education is a must. Once again I would like to bring to your attention that education doesn’t only mean going to school or college. Attending painting classes or training properly in the field of sports is also education. Learning anything which gives you an edge over others is education. Now that we are armed with education let’s see how can we defend ourselves.

To defend we need a shield. This shield is our near and dear ones. Only if they know and accept a person with special needs can they help him or her to achieve anything in life. Being independent is a massive achievement. Only when a family trusts and supports can they create awareness. Awareness is what leads to opportunities. Only one who knows the difficulties of a specially abled person can give them a chance to prove themselves. If Annie Sullivan hadn’t believed in Helen Keller, if she didn’t have the awareness that she could teach her, today most of the people who are deaf blind would be still leading a life only filled with darkness.

Acceptance is different from sympathy. What our fellow people with special abilities need is not our pity, they need opportunities to prove themselves and for us to believe that they can make it on their own.

Athenas provide those whom you know with special needs with the weapon of education and the shield of awareness.

Athena Visheshta

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