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Be Prepared

BE PREPARED 2What do you have in your bag? This is a constant question that my husband keeps asking me. I carry a back pack (I am a mother of two brats) and it’s filled with a whole load of things including a medical kit, water bottle, umbrella, spare clothes etc. Every time he looks at all this he asks me why do I have to carry this extra load and my answer is “What if there is an emergency?”

This is the exact same answer that many women have given after being in natural disasters. The latest cloud burst in Uttarakhand had caused a whole lot of troubles; there was a shortage of everything. Uncle and Aunty Dildaar (one with a big heart) is what I call them as I don’t know their real names. Aunty Dildaar had carried a bag of rice as her husband was a solid rice eater and couldn’t manage without it. When the flood struck, they were stranded in a remote location. When supplies ran out for all those who were stuck there, it was Aunty Dildaar’s rice that saved them all till the Army came in rescued them.  It’s better to be called a mother hen carrying her load around and being prepared.

A close friend and her family had gone to Andaman’s when the Tsunami in 2004 struck. By virtue of being in a good building and being on a height they were saved. This lady who I shall call Pari (Which means Angel) for the next two days didn’t stop she helped fix as many wounds of the injured as she could. I know most of you must be thinking she must have been a nurse or a doctor but no, she is neither. Her only qualification is that she is a mother of two teenage boys and was used to handling blood and wounds as her boys would get hurt pretty often.  It’s a must to keep your cool and remember the basics in any disaster.

Juliane Koepcke was 17 when the plane on which she was travelling crashed in the rain forests of Peru. This survivor had a lost vision in one eye, broken her collar bone and had countless number of bruises. She only remembered what her father had taught her and she followed the stream and it led her to a little cabin and later she was rescued. Presence of mind is vital when you are in a difficult situation.

Plus we women have one additional advantage. Being around kids and the home we know how to look after others and ourselves. Natural disasters these days are occurring due to man made mistakes. I am not even sure if we should call it a natural disaster anymore. It’s because of our irresponsible ways that nature has to fight back. If you want to get out of these man-made natural disasters we have to be prepared, keep our cool and have presence of mind.

Athena Visheshta

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7 Responses

  1. badrinath_t says:

    So now I know why all of you carry such big bags- but why do unmarried girls and not mothers carry so much stuff?

  2. sheela pakianathan says:

    Children are the future citizens of the country. So primary children should be given tips on natural disaster and how to react during such time and tests to be taken seriously. Rural children should be also given awareness too.

  3. diana says:

    When I was in school, I was part of the scouts and guides, one valuable lesson that I learnt is the motto- “BE PREPARED. I have often faced a lot of teasing for the size of the bag I carry and for the weight it contains but I am proud to say that it has helped me and those who come to me in need very well over the years.

  4. Aadhya says:

    Badrinath Sir – coz even unmarried girls love themselves face unexpected things. I tell you what will you find in an unmarried girl’s bag – her cosmetics, hairbrush, deo, PEPPER SPRAY or substitutes, BOOK/s, Wallet, Tissue/ Towel, cell phone, charger, keys, a notebook or diary and a scarf.
    Please tell me what of these you find unnecessary and i will tell you why they are needed by a GIRL.

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