Be The Change……

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Be the Change……

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”, the famous quote of Mahatma Gandhi.

 India is in her 66th year of Independence. She is personified as mother. Many other things in the world are personified as a woman. We always say Mother Nature and Mother Earth. Then why should a woman fight for her equality?

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Image Courtesy Google

“I let my wife to work”

“Why should she go to work when her husband is earning so well?”

“Let the men folk eat first, we will do with whatever is left over”

“He is the man of the house why should he clean the baby when he has soiled himself?”

“Why should he do the repair work for you in the house? He came back after a hard day of work. “

“Why should there a need for her to wear a Jeans or a skirt. If she dressed decently is any man going to look at her?”

“Why should she know about the finances? Her job is to cook and take care of the child.”

“Why should my grandson wipe the table let my grand daughter do it.”

“Any way she is only going to get married and going to wield a ladle. Why should she learn this?”

“Who wears the pants in the family; you or him?”

“Talking about feminism is a waste. What do they need? Aren’t they taken care by their husband and family?”

“How can she say her husband’s name?”

“She is a just a house wife.”

And we call our country Mother India?

Mother Nature unleashes her fury!!!!!!!!

It’s usually a mother, a sister, a grandmother, a mother in law, an aunt or a father, a grandfather who makes such comments.

A brother is learning at a young age from the mother that it is okay if his sister clears up after him, by putting his plate in the sink, putting his clothes for wash.  A son is learning at a young age when he sees his mother eat all by herself after the father finishes his food. (As the grand mother insists that a working man needs to eat his food hot).

A child is born in the world as an innocent being. He does not know what is right or what is wrong. He is like a sponge that soaks everything that is out there. He is a mirror that reflects the society that he is born into. A child learns all the values he needs to learn when he is six years old. He needs to see the women in his family respected for what she is and not to be taken care of as a property. He needs to see his mother and father as equal partners in the family and making decisions together. If he sees the father making the decision and the mother deferring to it, he sees the father being more powerful and superior than the mother.

For the woman to say she is a liberated Indian and for a woman to be respected by the other men and women around her, the change has to come within us. We need to bring out the change at home, for it to have a ripple effect and reach out every one who thinks that feminism is a waste of time.

Charity begins at home.  Respecting a woman for what she is also has to start with the family members at home which includes both men and women.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Athena Chaitanya

Look into your soul and see how can actual change come about in the lives of us women or try Is India Really Free?She sells sea shells, not her and Change Begins From Within.


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4 Responses

  1. Harsha says:

    Indeed you are right–Once a woman start respecting other fellow women,they will be united and can stand together for their rights and eventually men will also follow..I wish Indian Women knows their real power,their contribution towards this country only then India will rise and I really want to see India Rising.. :-)

  2. Aadhya says:

    @Chaitanya – i agree 100% with your thoughts. I hope it makes others think too and take a step forward.

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