Cleanliness Begins At Home But Need Not End There

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Cleanliness Begins At Home But Need Not End There

         CLEANLINESS BEGINS AT HOME BUT NEED NOT STOP THEREWhen the Municipal Corporation of our sector decided to launch the Green Bin , Blue Bin program they first approached the Women’s Association of the Western Extension. The association reached out to all the women in that area and together they were successful in not only effective garbage segregation and disposal but also went a step ahead in making all the streets of their extension completely litter free. This laudable feat makes one realize

When women take an initiative and put in effort they play a major role in ‘Success Of a Cause”.

       Cleaning the house is one of the most taxing and least favorite chore for most women whether they are doing it themselves or monitoring a maid. Yet, it is a part of their daily routine as what they dislike more is an unkempt and dirty home. When the results of their hard work are seen in the form of sparkling floors, clean bathrooms, dust free furniture they derive a sense of satisfaction and yes, all hell breaks loose in case a family member dirties the floor or stains the furniture. What follows is a drilling session after which all family members are convinced(or even forced) to stick to cleanliness rules.

Thus when a woman can successfully create a clean home by ensuring joint cooperation and effort she can do wonders if she replicates the same attitude towards her surroundings.

These wonders can be created with small steps such as

  • Your street or pavement is not a Dumping Place for your household waste. When frantic calls can be made when the maid is missing in action the same can be to respective authority or association for garbage removal.
  • Re-use and Re-cycle as much as possible to Reduce household waste.
  • Likewise the street or pavement is not a Free Space for your pet to free itself. Either the pet should be trained or be responsible to clean the mess.
  • When wrappers, waste paper and empty bottles have their place in the dust bin at our homes why not follow the same practice outside on roads, in parks, public transport, tourist spots and places of worship as afterall Cleanliness Is next To Godliness.
  • Take your little one to the bathroom before going to park or beach in order to avoid emergency situation.
  • Just like how we take care not to dirty walls or damage things in our home the same care should be displayed towards public property.

These are a just a few suggestions and since tiny drops make an ocean any other little measures taken by you is a step in the right direction which will have a big impact in the long run.

    Finally the most important thing is that when we women follow these it automatically creates a ripple effect starting from our children, family, neighbors, friends and relatives. The message not only gets passed on but also slowly and steadily translates into actions.

    When our Prime Minister Mr. Modi launched ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign he clearly emphasized that it is not the responsibility of any single entity but a collective one and for this the mindset of people should change.

We women can be effective trendsetters to make this happen.

If our home is our living space our surrounding is our moving space so its cleanliness is equally important. So one should always remember Cleanliness begins at home but need not end there.”

Athena Mira

Athenastake is continuing in motivating all of you to make small changes to create bigger impacts. Certain changes which are good for our country, society and some for us. To read more on motivation in our topic of the week ” we motivate, you initiate” try If looks could killArt straight from the heart and Cooking up a storm.

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13 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    Cleanliness of our surrounding and Swachh Bharat I felt was something very difficult to achieve. Reading this post I am totally charged up, it isn’t that difficult, slowly and steadily this can be achieved. Good post Mira. Lets get together and do a cleanliness drive or cleanathon or something like that.

  2. shafiya says:

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness.Being a cleanliness freak myself ,I can totally relate to it.Mira aptly points out that cleanliness should be maintained not only at home but also out of it.The tips given in this post are easy to follow and we should make it a part of our routine.

  3. Fayaz Pasha says:

    Rightly said Mira. Cleanliness has many facets and these are learnt from parents, peers, friends, relatives and ones environment. Cleanliness of the mind, heart, body, and place add up and result in healthy homes, healthy and happy people and a prosperous nation.

    Good and motivating tips to bring more awareness on cleanliness.

  4. Purba says:

    As long as we stop expecting others to clean up and clean after us, I’m sure things will change.

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      It comes down to just cleaning up after yourself and the job will be done. Lets hope and pray real hard that we can imbibe this change in ourselves and teach our next generation as well.

  5. Indrani says:

    Good lesson on cleanliness.
    When the whole world has gone ahead in this we are just waking up. But better late than never!

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      So true Indrani, we didn’t hit rock bottom, just woke up in between but still there is a chance to make a change and that to for the better.

  6. Ananya Tales says:

    We should clean our own s**t

    Nice article !

  7. Savitha Siddharth says:

    Clutter is the major issue. We have clutter at home and in our minds. The basic education that we receive in school just gets lost in this clutter. Its time to think straight and walk the talk. Pick up your own dirt and just watch India will be clean soon.

  8. Ram Sreenivsan says:

    After reading your post my wife and kids have been picking up muck lying around in the park and putting it in the dustbin. Good job done by Athenastake and a big congrats to you Athena Mira for pushing people in the right direction.

  9. matheikal says:

    Cleanliness is a habit as well as a civic sense. We Indians are bad cultivating both.

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