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What makes one cook? Cooking is usually done to appease hunger, almost exclusively by women for the entire household. It is a mundane, mind numbing routine job for women, as they have to do it, day in and day out, come rain or shine, hell or high water. So how to motivate someone to excel in cooking when they are already doing it daily, as an unavoidable chore!

Here is a list of few things, which generally helps in generating an interest to take up or improve one’s culinary skills:


                 The old, old saying about a way to a man’s heart being through his stomach still holds true. So the first thing a bride does is to make an impression on her beloved hubby, is trying out new recipes. And not just newlyweds, some wives and later on, mothers keep experimenting with new dishes, in order to impress their husbands and kids.


Nowadays, all the channels are flooded with cookery shows and contests. They show so many mouth watering dishes that are easy to prepare and the way the chef displays the cooking as an enjoyable task, makes the viewer want to try out new dishes.


                Making a routine trip for grocery shopping to the super market brings to your attention, the various exotic fruits, vegetables, spices and sauces that were heretofore unavailable, but brings to you the memory, the various recipes that you wanted to try out but couldn’t, simply because those things were unheard of then. Now is the perfect time to try those. And who wants to miss out the chance to try out new exotic fancy foods.


Women of today are much more educated and informed than before and they now realize the importance of cooking a meal that is nutritious and fat-free. This makes them want to try out new dishes that suits their taste buds and at the same time, healthful too.


                Pot-luck parties are those get- together parties, where each one brings over one dish and party together. So, on such occasions, you are motivated to cook new dishes, that is fully appreciated by others and bask in the praise that follows.


Schools and colleges in their cultural programmes feature cooking competitions. Students genuinely interested in cooking make a huge effort to perfect their dishes and the whole house-hold pitches in to help them.

And lastly, why not once in a while give yourself a treat, by indulging your taste buds to culinary delights. In addition to all these motivations, a person who takes the initiative to better oneself in cooking, experiences great satisfaction in seeing their loved ones devour platefuls of their own hand-made ‘ haute cuisine’.

Athena Ayesha

 Motivating others is no easy task and we at are trying to do exactly that. Follow the topic of the week which is we motivate and you initiate. Try a few of articles and see if you can find motivation Rekindle your interest for your own interestIf looks could kill and Art straight from the heart.

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11 Responses

  1. Badrinath says:

    Women have the difficult task of cooking regular food everyday and then making everyone eat it also. A little bit of added color and enthusiasm should make cooking more fun and eating more pleasure.

  2. Ram Sreenivsan says:

    I guess a lot of men will be happy with this post, and to encourage you ladies I will request all the men to enjoy new tasty dishes and not to hesitate and be liberal with a lot of compliments. A little praise from our sides and our wives and mothers will surely be motivated to cook. Nice post.

  3. I have always been meaning to learn cooking Athena. Maybe this is the perfect shot in the arm to get me started :)

  4. Savitha Siddharth says:

    Cooking a new dish or two keeps me going.

  5. shee_shee12345 says:

    The one task I hate is cooking but as what Savitha shares cooking new dishes takes off the monotony, keeps hubby guessing, kids enthusiastic and keeps me going. A well written post Athena Ayesha.

  6. mira says:

    wow I never knew that so many reasons could be there to motivate one to cook…nice one and yes breaking the monotony and trying new dishes definitely makes cooking more fun…

  7. shafiya says:

    Inspiring post Ayesha. I hope this will motivate me to try out new recipes for my family.Being a routine work for us ,trying out new dishes is the only way to please your near and dear ones and we do love to get some appreciation for our efforts.

  8. Nagini says:

    I love cooking..A wonderful read :)

  9. Indrani says:

    I never liked elaborate cooking, just simple khana is my motto. These tips should help me remain motivated about cooking. :)

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      Simple khana for cooking and exotic khana for eating is my motto and that’s why that motivation is vital and needed.

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