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                         It is a known fact that today women are neck to neck and at times even ahead of men in all fields including those which are considered to be exclusively for men like defense, pilot, police, etc.   In spite of this there are a few occupations that are still male dominated or considered unusual for a woman to pursue. Research and statistics not being my forte as usual I am penning down a few observations I made in my immediate surroundings.DARED TO BE DIFFERENT

                         I live in a prominent locality in Chennai densely populated, bustling with activity and no doubt with a large number of working women among all classes. I came across a few who distinctly stood out and captured my attention and here I am writing why they are different.

                           All of us have seen women running clothes, cosmetics or even department stores. But it is rare to see one running a showroom in the automobile field and this dynamic woman is a good friend of mine. She started out by helping her husband who has been an expert in this business for over a decade and a half now. But what is most appreciable about her is rather than being a superficial monitor she took it upon herself to learn every nuance of the business, the technicalities, the different brands and their suitability for various vehicles etc. With her knowledge, shrewd marketing and business sense she has been a pillar of support for her husband and her customers who are mostly men; look at her as an equal in the related field. That is something commendable.

                               A visit to the nearby photo studio is inevitable as we all need passport size photo some time or other. But what is unique about the studio (IMAGE DIGITAL COLOR LAB AND STUDIO) in our locality is that it is entirely run by women right from cashier, main designer and photographer to assistant photographers. These women are technically qualified and rather than working in the background they have shouldered the responsibility of running the studio and have definitely proved themselves as there are always a stream of customers pouring in.

                       When I went to purchase shoes for my kids I was surprised to see the shop run by a woman and there were also two saleswomen smartly clad in uniforms and working comfortably noting shoe size and retrieving stock.

                     In a petrol bunk in my locality there is one woman who is as capable as her 10 male colleagues doing her job with ease.

                 Another rare sight was that of a woman school van driver employed by one of the schools in our locality. She has won the confidence of the school and parents because of her careful and observant driving.

               Finally while I perceive these women standing out odd in their chosen profession they do not harbor such notions enjoying their work doing it efficiently without even realizing the fact that they DARED TO BE DIFFERENT.

Athena Mira

Unusual professions is what we are concentrating on this week, sure enough you will know about some and to catch a little more try Unusual careers for womenA hobby and much more.

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5 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    Life is about being different, whats the point in running in a rat race? Loved the post Mira, there are so many women around us who are making a difference, living in Anna nagar I have seen most of the women that you have written about and I have that extra bit of respect for them now. Sometimes we need a written statement to see the truths and triumphs around us and your post did that to the T.

  2. shafiya says:

    Inspiring post Mira. The trend of women working in completely male dominated areas and being successful is slowly catching on.Daring to be different is quite a thought provoking article which shows us that sky is the limit to what a women can aspire to do.

  3. Inspiring. My best wishes to those who make such initiatives

  4. Indrani says:

    Very great!
    My salute to them!

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