Dear God, Please Give Me A Son

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Dear God, Please Give Me A Son

Sounds familiar? I thought so. Why are we Indians so obsessed with a male offspring? I mean, this is the land which considers Parvati equal to Parameshwar, is it not? The same land that is supposed to revere women as goddesses? I’m not asking anybody to treat us ladies as goddesses, but at the very least, try to treat us as fellow human beings who have the right to live as we choose.

Even in this day and age and in a so-called egalitarian society, many of us are extremely eager to know the sex of the unborn child and terminate the pregnancy if it turns out to be a girl. And then we shamelessly holler “Bharat mata ki jai” on every Independence Day and Republic Day. What a sad irony! First we kill off our daughters and then we hail Mother India. If this isn’t hypocrisy, I don’t know what is.

We gals have proved time and again that we are as good as, and in some cases, better than the men in all walks of life. Every year, there is a higher pass percentage among girls than boys in Board examinations. We are flying high, sailing the high seas, managing big businesses and on top of all this, managing the home with efficiency and aplomb.

So why then are so many people in the EDUCATED class still praying for a son? In case you didn’t notice folks, the Middle Ages are long gone. This is the age of enlightened people. And those of you who are enlightened will treat your sons and daughters equally and provide them both with the same facilities and opportunities.

Just give her a pat on the back and prepare to be surprised by the heights your daughter can reach. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

And for those of you who refuse to be enlightened and remain stuck in the rut, well, I feel sorry for you. You’re missing out on something great and you have nobody to blame but yourself. Who knows, but the female fetus you just decided to do away with might have been the next Sunita Williams. But you would never know, would you?


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17 Responses

  1. shafiya says:

    This outlook among Indians is basically due to the misguided conception that sons are the future breadwinners and will take care of his parents in their old age;though time and again it has been proved that daughters are the one who do the job .

  2. Aadhya says:

    Those who are still stuck in the rut,I think even GOD can’t help them. AND most of the festivals are dedicated to Goddesses………….

    • diana says:

      Ironical isn’t it Aadhya, that the land that revers goddesses is the same one to nip its daughters’ lives in the bud? What God would listen to those who reject the wonderful gift bestowed upon them, a.k.a, a daughter?

  3. shee_shee12345 says:

    What I hear from people with regards to why they want a son?

    1. He will carry the family name.
    2. Boys are better at handling major decisions.
    3. Boys are long term investments.
    4. It is the boys responsibilty to look after his parents(please read as daughter in law has the responsibility to look after husbands parents).
    5. Men are the head of the family so whats the point in sticking with the second in command…..

    With this sort of a mentality, where is the chance of a female fetus who is barely a few days old to survive.

    • diana says:

      Dear She, Let me address your list in the order you’ve written them.
      1. Family name? What family name? Excuse me, but I thought the monarchy system was abolished in India a long time ago? Besides, in my opinion, a family either has a good name or a bad name. And a daughter is more than capable of carrying forward her family’s GOOD name…
      2. Decision making. Ahh. I can go on and on about this. If men are such brilliant decision makrs, how come most of the world is facing an ecnomic crisis, seen as most countries are headed by MEN? Please help me understand.
      3. Long-term investment. Excuse me, are we talking about people here or inanimate objects? And if they are a long-term investments, are you people sure you’re getting a decent return on your investment?
      4. So the daughters end up taking care of their parents as well as ther husbands’ parents. So how come men became heads of families? I’m really puzzled. If you need your spouse to take care of YOUR parents, at least acknowledge her as a joint head, an equal.
      5. Ditto the above statement.

  4. badrinath_t says:

    You can say all that you want but its the fathers name that is asked in all the frms.
    It is the boy only who looks after his parents, if she is his wife, then its her responsibility, nothing great in what she is doing?

    The dowry issue is genuine and I dont support that. Major decisions again, men are better. Specially when it comes to finances nobody can beat men.

    • diana says:

      Dear Badrinath, either you are th biggest MCP in the planet or the most ignorant one. Would you PLEASE move on from the Dark Ages? Yes, only the father’s name is asked in all the forms because the rules are made by MCPs like you who are afraid to let women pogress because you KNOW the truth: that we’d be as good as, if not better than you any day. The woman’s responsibiity uh? What about your own responsibility? Towards your wife, children, parents and sciety? No one can beat men in finance? So why don’t you explain to me why MEN like you hve pushed this country into FINANCIAL turmoil? I feel sorry for your wife mister.

      • badrinath_t says:

        Lucky I am not married or else would have had to hear all this at home as well. What madam, no matter what you say, I still hold my thoughts.

        In school my father only signed my report card.

  5. Aadhya says:

    “Lucky I am not married or else would have had to hear all this at home as well”
    No way Sir coz i am sure the day you marry, it will be a girl who has learned nothing more than ‘Oh, my parents told me to” and after marriage “as you say may Pati Parmeshwar”. So trust me you will never here all this at home.

    “In school my father only signed my report card.” I am sure your mother was too busy to cook for you at that time to bother about a report card but please explain why a mother can’t sign it? Schools have no such rule that they should be signed by the father only. And as far as i know, now a days a mother can very well refuse to provide the name of the father in various applications and the right has been protected by the court of law.

    As to you being against dowry, i really appreciate that. I don’t care what’s the reason behind that but all is well that ends well.

  6. Sakshi Nanda says:

    Did you know, we don’t even consider Parvati equal to Parmeshwar. More often than not, she was carved in stone many many sizes smaller than Shiva, often sitting on his lap like a toy/doll. I have seen those versions in museums across India. But it’s true, in times of need we do pray to both sexes of divinity equally.

    Strong sentiments put across very well. :)

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