Do You Want A White Kitchen?

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Do You Want A White Kitchen?

white kitchenWho would want a white kitchen???? But do you know that actually having a white kitchen is a big boon. In today’s world, every lady dreams of having a modular kitchen. The need for this is actually the ease. A well planned kitchen is soooo much easier to maintain.

I am not going to say that if you have a modular kitchen you don’t have to clean it or maintain it. Yes, ladies you have to clean, and wipe and maintain but then your biggest enemy dust is kept at bay. Since the kitchen is covered you can keep dirt away and things are stacked only where they should be.

Big cities and tiny weeny homes that’s the current trend; to top it the kitchens are literally pigeon holes. Where there is less space again it’s a modular kitchen which comes to the rescue. With great in built drawers and attachments which vanish into inaccessible corners every inch available in the kitchen can be used if you have a great modular kitchen.

Back to the white kitchen; take a look at a white kitchen. It always looks bigger which is the first advantage. Even a cramped up tiny kitchen looks spacious and attractive.

Since its white I am sure you will take care that once you finish cooking you clean it up immediately. This ensures that

  1. The kitchen is clean at all times.
  2. You don’t have to do a once in a month clean up and strain yourself or your back or the kitchen.
  3. Every single stain or mark is easy to spot and thus much easier to clean.
  4. You become everyone’s envy as you have such a big and beautiful kitchen.
  5. Your mother in law is extremely happy with you and proud of you that you are an excellent home maker.

The last two reasons are more than enough for me to get a white kitchen, how about you? But this brings us to the next question. When you are ready to invest in a modular kitchen how do you go about it?

white isleMy suggestion will be that go to an expert. One who is a beginner will not have generations and generations of experience. Each individual business may have ten or twenty or max thirty years experience but how do you get experience which has been there since ages.

Hettich a German brand is a specialist in this field. They believe that when you pick their brand for your modular kitchen it’s an investment that you make. The product will remain with you from one generation to another.

Hettich in Chennai is also available with XL Tyre Point . When two brands like this come together they bring to you kitchens which are awesome. Just walk into the showroom which is situated right on Besant Nagar Beach, share your dream with them and watch it turn into reality.

Athenastake wishes all its readers a happy modular kitchen and you can get in touch with us also if you require a kitchen to be renovated or created, just Contact Us.

Athena Visheshta

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4 Responses

  1. badrinath_t says:

    I went to the beach and walked into their showroom. Hettich company guys along with Xl looked after my kitchen and I must say it looks lovely. If you are at the besant nagar beach dont miss this out:)

  2. diana says:

    I just made the payment and the products were delivered at my place. I knew that Hettich is a top brand, what I learnt from my experience is- at XL Tyre Point is that they believe in dealing only with the best. I bought tyres and a crazy set of alloys and everybody stops and looks at my car. Mission accomplished.

  3. sheela pakianathan says:

    I was most impressed with the way all the drawers would close, it made me feel like I was in a BMW, soft close and that too world class.

  1. August 18, 2013

    […] more of our products and product related articles try Do You Want A White Kitchen?, Why should you change tyre once it reaches the TWI mark? and XL Tyre […]

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