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          In our country it is a fact that women are first assessed, bracketed and targeted by what they wear. The last thing that most men see is the face when they look at a woman  and that is why rather than who she is what she is wearing comes to sight first.


        It is also common that whenever crimes against women occur the victim is the first to be scrutinized and the next issue which leads to heated debates and discussions is How woman are dressed today and the clothes they wear. As usual they fail to notice that whether a woman is skimpily clad or fully clothed(as in most cases) she is susceptible to crime.  It is once again women who are restricted to dress codes and bombarded with advice on dressing.

  This is not fair as every individual has the right to dress as they wish. But  yes, the issue is we come under this critical examination NOT BECAUSE OF WHAT WE WEAR BUT MORE DUE TO HOW WE WEAR OUR CLOTHES.

What I mean to say is that people may not notice a  lady in shorts or a girl wearing mini skirt as much as they notice

  • A woman in a transparent dress through which her inner garments can be seen.
  • A woman on the fatter side wearing figure hugging tights and top where again all the wrong parts  are highlighted.
  • A woman wearing  a low cut blouse or top where when you bend even a little plenty can be seen.
  • A lady wearing light inner wear with dark clothes and vice versa.

     It is because these faux pas committed by some women that all women are targeted.

Some women tend to associate Women’s Liberation with liberation in dressing and fail to note the difference between Being cool and Bordering on Vulgarity. One thing what every woman needs to remember is that Women’s Liberation is not just showing off your freedom in dressing but also most importantly being respected for who you are and what you do. Women need to understand that Dressing Sense is More Important than Dressing whether its Indian clothes or Western outfits.

      For a woman to be recognized and acknowledged she needs to be noticed and for that it is very important how she presents herself as wherever she goes the first impression is based on how she is dressed.

       Taking it on a positive note let us try to see the brighter side. We women have plenty to choose from the enviable collection in our wardrobes and with a prudent dressing sense we have it all without facing flak.

     A few things on needs to remember are

  • Dress suitably according to place , occasion  and the crowd we move in as if we have this in mind there is flexibility of being modern and traditional as and when required.
  • Wear figure hugging clothes only if you have the figure (otherwise hit the gym ladies and flaunt your figures).
  • Ensure lining is there for synthetic clothes and slips are in place in case of transparent dresses.
  • As far as possible wear matching inner wear and ensure they are not visible as after all they are under garments.
  • Finally wear clothes that suit your personality and which you can carry of comfortably not just to mingle with crowd. It is possible to look chic and attractive without being provocative if you wear well stitched clothes with colors that compliment you.

   Women are one of God’s beautiful creations and it is our natural tendency to dress up to look good. After all it makes us feel good and we do like to make heads turn but yes, we need to take care to


 Athena Mira

Reading more on this issue will end up in a lot of awareness. Please read more and share it with your loved ones too. Try out Rape – it’s my fault…..Zip it or we shall cut it and Why do women like to dress up?

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9 Responses

  1. Bhagwad says:

    In my opinion, women in India don’t need to be told how to dress and what to wear. The reason? They’re already under siege. I don’t know a single woman in India who doesn’t carefully consider her dress before she goes out. And that’s simply tragic. In a free country, a person shouldn’t have to consider the dangers of wearing a dress.

    Giving these women advice is insulting. It adds salt to the wounds.

    We need to reach a stage where a woman can walk down the street naked without people asking her why. They can look. They can point her out. But they should not ask her why. Because there’s just one answer to that question – “I want to”.

    Many people ask me “Is feminism about the right to be semi naked?” And my answer is – “Yes. Feminism IS about the right to be semi naked“.

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      Hats off to you man. Agreed that they should have the right to do all that they want. But still i stand by Mira. These days women are forgetting the fine balance between class and vulgarity. A little caution is not wrong. We are not saying don’t dress up, all we are saying is don’t display your flab, or your under garments.

  2. Mridula says:

    I am entirely with Bhagwad on this one!

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      So its okay is I wear an outfit that doesn’t suit me and have people laugh behind my back, or me just think and wear something that I can carry of very well. Once again we are not telling women to dress conservatively, just be a little careful.

      • Bhagwad says:

        It’s perfectly fine to laugh at someone. It’s not fine to attack someone. There’s a difference between advising women on fashion and telling them to “be careful”. The first is ok. The second is not ok.

  3. shafiya says:

    I am in complete agreement with Mira’s views.As someone quoted that a woman should dress to look like a lady and not otherwise.We are not preaching that a person should wear only this or that but to wear what suits her personality and to her own comfort level.There is no need for unnecessary exposure to flaunt your feminine side when there are so many subtle ways to do it the classier way.

  4. mira says:

    mr bhagwad
    you seem to think that it is okay if women make themselves a laughing stock as long as they are not attacked…but the whole idea of writing this post is to emphasize that it is not okay for women to be laughing stock or taken lightly and for this how they present themselves is very important.
    I have time and again said that a woman is attacked no matter how she is dressed and this write up is not about women’s safety but more about her identity and in this country her dressing has a direct impact on her identity.

  5. madhurima says:

    I absolutely agree with mr.vagwad. In this male dominated country the women also forgets their rights and freedom and blame themselves for clothing. it is women’s choice what to wear , but that doesn’t mean she is asking for it. the cultural pressures and the people with mediaeval mindsets r so dominating in India that one day all the women will even think that they r born only to suffer as a victim of everything and they will gladly accept these

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