Equality? Are we really teaching our children that?

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Equality? Are we really teaching our children that?

EQUALITY ARE WE TECHING OUR CHILDEREN THATI was in 5th standard when my class teacher taught me patriotism. She was the one who imbibed in me the thought to love my country. Well, I do love India and am proud of all the achievements that we have made. After our independence nobody can deny it that we haven’t progressed but then is this progress equal for one and all.

Equality in India hasn’t been there since the ages of my forefathers forefathers. Unfortunately till today gender equality is still a major cause for concern. In school, we used to wear skirts or tunics, to my shock I see that in most schools girls from the 5th and above have to wear Salwar Kameez. The boys too are made to wear full pants. Which raises this huge doubt that I have; so a girl has to wear traditional Indian clothes and boys have to wear western clothes???? Which brings me to my next question that why can’t the girls wear a shirt and full pant too????

This got me thinking as to why this inequality. A gentleman that I know told me that if a girl wears a pant and a shirt, her assets will be visible. Another gentleman told me that anyway when they grow up they have to wear a saree or salwar and what’s wrong in being traditional?

If a girl has to be traditional, then why not the boys; why can’t the school uniform for the boys be a dhoti kurta or a kurta pyjama? Every girl that I know or see has assets and even if she wears a saree or a salwar is teased in public, molested or even raped. So, where are the clothes involved in this?

Most economic and financial experts say that the most underutilized human resource is the women folk. If the ladies in our country step out of their homes, India would be touching new heights of progress and development. When we are not ready to even give our girls the basic right to choose how they look or how they dress, then how are we going to help them get out of their homes and achieve anything in life?

Bharat Mata….she is a mother; she tries to give us all that we need. You and me are also women but some of us or should I say most of us are just willing to turn a blind eye towards the major and minor inequalities dished out to girls. If you love your country like me and wish to see that half of her population; the women population should succeed, then come forward and voice your opinion. Let us know what else is being done to stop us from progressing. Unity is strength and if we women join hands we are sure to change this world and bring in upliftment and liberation for the women in this beautiful country of ours called INDIA.

Athena Visheshta

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8 Responses

  1. Aadhya says:

    Dear Visheshta

    I totally agree with your views here. Infact i find it weird that its the mothers who start wrapping up their daughters in sacks from an early age. I remember that the teenage daughters of my next door neighbors were supposed to be PROPERLY DRESSED complete with a dupatta when their father was home which meant most of the time. I used to wonder if they slept with their dupatta as the father would surely be home that time!!!!
    We keep on seeing men in shorts and baniyans and sometimes even in their undies on a regular basis but i have not raped one and can’t remember hearing about one so truly HOW ARE CLOTHES RELATED TO RAPE?

  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    Schools pick their uniforms, work places have their dress codes, parents have their own parameters….as a girl, do we even have the right to wear what we want to wear. If you are married, you have to say good bye to some clothes, then after your delivery you have to good bye to some more clothes…at the end what you are left with is grandma clothes. So, I dont have the right to dress but a man has the right to rape….how…can somebody explain this to me?

  3. Harsha says:

    As I always say gender inequality was,is there in India and it will remain there unless and until we change our mindset,until and unless we look at things the practical way rather than the Traditional way…

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