Essence of Relationships

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Essence of Relationships

Relationships are the bloodlines in any given Family; be it a bond between a father and son, brother and sister or husband and wife.  But what is the factor that sustains the relations during tougher times? Trust for one thing and Love for another. ESSENCE OF RELATIONSHIPS

Be who you are: – The courage to be yourself with the people you love and not pretending to be the person the other one would love, for in the present age, many relations are a farce, the real reason for broken ties, heart aches and dysfunctional families.

Spending time with one another: – Being together should be a priority.  Each person has his own agenda, own goal in life which takes him/her away from the simple joy of being together. For life is nothing but a cluster of moments to remember.  You can be the bond which ties your family together.

Going the distance and doing the little things: – Doing little things which please a person, like planning a surprise Birthday celebration for an aged Grand Aunt or bringing joy to a long lost friend by just wishing on her Birthday.

Understanding the need of the hour: – Making life comfortable and providing companionship to the lonely parents, suffering from Empty nest Syndrome, or providing a quiet Dinner for your husband when he comes weary from work.

These are the little ways to put life to age old relations which you take for granted, bringing hope and comfort makes one look forward to a new day ahead with anticipation of joy. Relationships are not made in a day, but needs to be nurtured over the years with patience, care and understanding the person’s emotional requirement along with the ability to accept their partner’s weakness and as well their strengths.

Athena Shafee

Many things are involved in building a relationship and a little bit more goes into keeping it healthy. learn more about fueling your relationships with A little bit moreNurturing a special bond and Small things make a big difference.

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8 Responses

  1. Trix says:

    This article is very helpful and is very well written! Well said shafee!

  2. ayesha says:

    Well written and perceptive. Makes you evauate the essence of your own relationships.

  3. wasif says:

    Awesome written

  4. mira says:

    a nice read and very thought provoking

  5. Vaseem says:

    Nice article. keep it up shafi

  6. shee_shee12345 says:

    A little bit of vanilla essence makes the cake yummier and in the same way a little bit of essence in relationships and we can enjoy it more. Welcome aboard Shafee, nice to see the support you are getting from home and friends.

  7. shafiya says:

    Thanks a lot guys for reading my article.your appreciation is a source of encouragement to me.i will strive to keep doing better in near future.

  8. Richa Singh says:

    A most heartwarming post, especially the bit about lonely nest :-) Relationships make or break us..

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