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Everlasting valentime moments

Come February, one can see hearts everywhere. They are in gift shops, malls, restaurants, theatres and believe it or not even in diagnostic centers which have captions like “Gift your Valentine A long healthy Life”. To add to it papers are galore with advertisements on romantic getaways; make your day special packages, candle light dinners and so on.  Yes, it is women who see all this and sadly in most cases by rule of nature WHAT WOMEN SEE THEIR HUSBANDS DON’T.

           Most women are romantic by nature, remember every special moment accurately(with date time and place), love to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays, like giving gifts(and receiving too) and all of us at one point or other would have dreamt of M&B type or Shahrukh in DDLJ prototype as our life partner. But, dreams come true for few so for the rest of us the first jolt after marriage is WAKING UP TO REALITY.

            There are some who skillfully change their life partner into their dream life partner, others who never stop trying but I am sure there are quite a lot of you who have simply given up and accepted your partner as he is. (Join the club Ladies)

         Well no need for disappointment as one thing all of you will vouch for is that though he may not possess a romantic bone your hubby definitely loves and cares for you and the feeling is vice versa. It’s just that he may not express it the way you want him to but despite this dear ladies YOU TOO HAVE YOUR VALENTINE MOMENTS. SURPRISED!!!!!

         You just need to think beyond roses, hearts, mushy words and reflect upon the thoughtful gestures, time spent together and little things he has done for you.

         The long walks where if on road he always ensures that he is facing the traffic, the heart to heart conversations or even the small lively chats and heated arguments, accompanying you to the doctor, trying to cook a meal and help out with chores when you are not well, not waking you during  your extended sleep on weekend mornings and afternoon (though he may not wake you up with a cup of coffee he’ll patiently wait for his) , the shouting you get when you forget the umbrella on a rainy day or get hurt by being careless (you need to see the concern behind all that anger) the rare smile that catches you off guard, the endless leg pulling that can drive you up the wall, the make up after a fight, the pizza@ home day when you miraculously get the house for yourselves minus kids and elders, the late night movie sessions or even the remote fights during Television time, secretly sharing a bar of chocolate (too much chocolate is bad for kid’s teeth), impromptu ice cream or cake treats during mundane grocery shopping (once again not guilty as kids have their share of junk), rarely misses returning your calls and though he rarely praises upfront never lets you down in front of kids, relatives and friends and gives you due credit.

        Okay ladies when I can think of so many I’m sure you can come up with a lot more when you think hard.  Many of these may be simple small regular stuff but I believe that it is these small things that are everlasting, fuel the relationship and carries it forward.  Well, for the romance part it is no rule that always guys have to make an effort and take the first step. So, you ladies can be trendsetters by planning a surprise date, romantic dinner, day out, cute card or whatever. It does not matter who takes the initiative the idea is to ENJOY AND CHERISH THE TIME TOGETHER.


Athena Mira








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