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         “Friend” the very thought of whom brings a smile on your face, a smile that can help you cross miles. Friendship Day is an occasion to celebrate friendship, greet our friends and most importantly let them know how special they are.FRIENDS FOR LIFE ALL THROUGH LIFE

        Women generally don’t flaunt their friendship and may not even have enough time for friends but they definitely value friendships and have a special corner for their friends. All her life a woman is a daughter, sister, wife, mother and so on and so forth but her friends are the ones who accept her for who she is and she surely reciprocates the same. That is why no matter what her age she needs her friends and the best part she manages to make such friends at every stage of her life.

      As toddlers little girls love to make their presence felt and are generally more boisterous and outgoing than boys their age. With their charming naughty smiles they can easily make friends starting from other toddlers to vegetable vendor, shopkeeper and even the security guard.

    School friends are often the most fondly remembered as a major part of the growing up years is spent with them. These friendships begin on a superficial note during adolescent years for example just to copy homework, share yummy lunches or just to show off  friendship bands on Friendship Day. These little girls have their silly fights and misunderstandings and they may even complain about their friends to you. But if you do the mistake of saying anything negative they become fiercely possessive and stand up for their friends.

      It is this friendship that matures as they grow up and the reticent teenager at home can actually chat endlessly with her school friends. Her friends are her confidants with whom she shares her secrets, has all girl talk, enlighten each other on facts of life (you know what I mean) and not to forget the important discussions on boys and crushes.

       For most girls college years are the golden years of fun and studies. She loves her chat sessions in canteen, occasional bunking of classes for a movie outing, fun time at cultural, combined studies and night outs and all this with her group of close knit friends.

       Marriage is a turning point and gradually over a period of time family. Kids and household become top priority for a woman. Despite this she squeezes a little time for her friends, which is a much needed respite in a grueling monotonous daily routine. Her friend can be a colleague at work, or the next door neighbor with whom she can pour her out over a cup of coffee or the mothers of other kids at the park where her kids play(courtesy my friends). Unlike common misconception the time constrained conversations include a variety of topics starting from kids, politics, sports, books, movies, serials, cooking tips and a little gossip(which is okay as even men do it). The peppy talk and laughter livens her day.

        Old age is no deterrent for a woman to have her group of walking friends or temple friends to whom she loves to brag about her grand children, discuss health issues and even complain about the younger generation.

       Today technology has made it possible to keep in touch with old friends and even send them lovely messages on Friendship Day but a woman believes more in the real world than virtual world that is why she makes FRIENDS FOR LIFE ALL THROUGH LIFE.

Happy Friendship Day to all of you

 Athena Mira

Friendship day is surely a day worth celebrating, you need your friends all through life but a day to acknowledge their importance in your life is surely great. Catch more on friendship with Do you need a clean up crewTea TimeFriends for lifeTrue Soul Mates and Friendship has no bounds and barriers.


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2 Responses

  1. shafiya says:

    You have got it absolutely right Mira.Being with friends even for a short time brings a lightness and joy when you are bogged down by the daily grind.Spending time with friends gives you the chance to be yourself after playing the role of mom ,wife,homemaker etc etc.Cheers to all friends who are my lifeline.

  2. Indrani says:

    How much I am reminded of my old friends now after reading this post. Lost touch with them with this hectic life. I am inspired to get back to them.
    Wishing you a happy friendship day!

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