Friendship Day

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Friendship Day

FRIENDSHIP DAY 2Friendship Day??? Come on guys, you don’t need a DAY to celebrate FRIENDSHIP. But since now we have dedicated a day to it there is no harm in letting your hair down.

 I am not one of those who are surrounded by friends day in and day out but the few I have are a blessing. All of them are tried and tested who have been with me through thick and thin, through times when everyone was against me and I had lost confidence in myself. They all are my 3 a.m. buddies and by 3 a.m. I mean we hang out till 3 AM. even when we all have chores to attend to in just a few hours. Infact some of us have monstrous bosses to deal with. :)

 But never ever have any of them been unavailable when I needed them. And I am grateful to everything and everyone who has brought them in my life.Behind every single one is a story, one that we must have recounted n number of times.

So, how am I going to CELEBRATE? Hmm….. lemme think…………..

Well, I think we will do something different from what we do every time we are together.

 And what does that excluded list includes – long rides & drives, mad music, a few pegs (we are responsible drinkers and never ever any of us has lost his senses due to drinks at least), eating out at all the weird times and craziest of places, me cooking at home and them eating (they call my place a 24 x 7 DHABA, match that), playing indoor games, going out on weekends,  movies (and 5 people sleeping in the same bed after watching a horror movie).

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

That means I have enjoyed practically everything with them. And that’s the reason I LOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEE all of them. They don’t judge me and say no to anything. A few of them are teetotalers but they have been as much part of our shot parties as the drinkers.

 AND they laugh at my silly jokes, sometimes making me laugh so hard that I have to beg them to stop or I will end up in hospital.

AND they always praise my cooking even if I forget to add salt and quietly get up and sneak the salt trying to avoid letting me know. I have a hawks eye and notice every move is a different thing altogether. And that’s necessary with them or I will end up finding my brandy snifters and pillows on terrace where we enjoyed the night. And these things were very conveniently left there in morning when we came down.

 All those campfires where we have literally gone out at 2 in night to search for more wood as our huge stock has ended and the bonfire has been reduced to its bone. And trust me we have tried roasting anything and everything edible that we can find, even the small pieces of chopped veggies from the fridge and failed. And then laughed and taken off in search of a place where we can find food as our pantries are having only empty containers or sauces with nothing to eat with.

So, if I want to do something different then I will have to go into a meditative state to get enlightened to come up with something that we have not already done together.


Celebrate friendship with An action can speak a thousand wordsNot just today but everyday and Friends for life.

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2 Responses

  1. sreenivasan says:

    There have been so many evening when we have driven to different destinations and have done such crazy things, its not been on friendship day but each day has surely celebrated friendship.

  2. Aadhya says:

    That’s the the magic of friendship……….

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