Friendship Has No Bounds And Barriers

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Friendship Has No Bounds And Barriers

Image Courtesy Google

Image Courtesy Google

Running a small online business and being the mother of a really naughty little girl, Visheshta was leading a life filled with action. Being new to Chennai she didn’t have any friends. It was never difficult to make friends but then somehow she just couldn’t find a place to meet like minded people like her. Parents in her daughter’s school were only obsessed with discussing the teacher and marks. The park she took her daughter to play in was filled with old people walking or maids accompanying kids. The worst part of the whole thing the flat she lived in was filled with people who would all qualify for senior citizenship.

One morning she got a call from one of her writers asking if there was vacancy for one more writer but she wouldn’t be able to do much. Visheshta was happy and took Diya the new writer on board. Diya was not any normal person, she had brains which would give Einstein a run for his money, photographic memory and above all she was someone who just didn’t or should I say just couldn’t say “I Quit”, I mean she was up for any challenge.  She within a few months was promoted and from a writer became an editor.

Along with the professional front, Diana and Visheshta’s friendship also bloomed. Life has ups and downs and Visheshta was going through a rough patch in life. She was in depression but no one knew and no one cared. Diya who had never seen or met Visheshta knew this at once. The world knows that we women like to talk things out and she slowly but steadily helped Visheshta kick the depression and get back to being the bubbly self that she was.

Next the rough patch decided to hit Diya. She was a gold medalist and was nearing her mid twenties but still hadn’t been able to find her dream job. Every exam she wrote she would top but she just wouldn’t be called for an interview. One rejection after the other was getting to her but she would smile and not share it. Somehow she got comfortable enough with Visheshta and slowly her agony began turning into confidence. Visheshta always felt and voiced it that Diya was meant for greatness. This kept Diya going.

One fine morning the sun’s rays brought brightness into Diya’s life. She got a call letter from a top company for an interview and need I say; she got through. One part of Diya was all happy but then she knew she would have to quit working with Visheshta. She picked up the phone with a heavy heart and gave the news to Visheshta. There was nothing but complete joy from that end and of course “Where is my treat yaar?”

Since then their friendship is now five years old. Diya has moved from place to place but the one thing static in her life is the friendship they share. Yes, friends this is my story and Diya is one of the bloggers whose posts you keep enjoying on

I can call her any time, not pick her call anytime but the one thing I know is she is one of my best friends and will always be there for me. Diya is a specially abled person but trust me, she has got me out of more number of fixes than her. She has a sight disorder but she can see life and me more clearly than me. This friendship day I want to salute her and say “You are meant for greatness and when you get there do not forget my treat; by the way your last one is still pending”.

Athena Visheshta

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7 Responses

  1. Vijay says:

    First Athena thanks for adding the comment box

    Regarding your article, I think we have become to materialist to find and true friendship or love for that matter. Exceptions apart friendship now a days is based on give and take relation

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      First of all thankyou for your guidance sir, its because of you that I managed to get the share buttons and the comment section going. Give and take is there in all relations these days including husband and wife relations as well.

      I am lucky and yes one in the exceptions.

  2. Indrani says:

    You are lucky to have a friend like her.

  3. sreenivasan says:

    Some friends are just brought into our lives to make us feel better. She is truly a friend indeed.

  4. Harsha says:

    Now hats off to your Friendship and I pray ur Friendship bloom as always..
    Now-a-Days it’s really hard to find friends like the one you have.. :-)

  1. August 14, 2013

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