From Lovers To Blood Relatives

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From Lovers To Blood Relatives

from lovers to blood relatoivesLove marriage or arranged marriage, this discussion has been on since ages. There is no way to say which marriage is better. However there is one answer to this discussion and that is arranged marriage or love marriage, it is a MARRIAGE. It is definitely not easy. This is a bond which brings two different people together.

At the beginning of a marriage there is always a lot of love; I know someone of you might say it is lust. Well, love turns into lust and then again grows back into love. The physical attraction is what makes it want to be with your counterpart throughout the day. This is the phase when candle light dinners and anything special makes you skip a beat.

After the cuddling and kissing nonstop; is the phase where you get a complete shock. This is when you realize how different you two are. A lot of couples tend to have arguments on issues which are smaller than a grain of mustard, but the fight will be huge. Every now and then you have a whole lot of doubts and insecurities. The love within you slowly helps you forget each fight, find a solution and get along and stay together.

By the time you cross this stage you are surely two love birds, who actually LOVE each other. This is the moment when nature too plays its hand and you get the news that you are going to be parents. Being a completely new experience for the both of you there are sure to be some fears and lots of joys. Planning for the baby and experiencing the miracle grow inside you or your counterpart brings you closer and helps in building an absolutely new bond. The love that you have for each other is what is feeding your unborn child as well. Inside the mother’s womb the little one is experiencing love and is longing to be a part of your little world filled with love.

The day is finally there. After a whole lot of tension and agony what you have in your arms is not just a baby; its proof that from being just two love birds you are now blood relatives. Yes, I call it blood relatives because when you bring in flesh and blood you do it together and your kid keeps you tied together. Most moms and dads will surely agree with me that the happiest moment of their life was when they held their kid in their arms for the first time. Why is this moment so cherished? What makes it the ultimate moment? Isn’t it love and the bond that comes along with it?

Athena Vishesta

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7 Responses

  1. chris_singh says:

    This is a spontaneous response to your line, ‘At the beginning of marriage, there is always a lot of love.’ I do not agree with the ‘always’ part of that sentence.

    Mine is an arranged marriage. At the beginning of my marriage, as is now, there was a lot of ‘commitment to love’. That has not changed one bit over the past 25 years…but the best about the present is that there is a lot of love too.

    Love is more than just physical because physical is not eternal. Our physical bodies wear out. However, the longer love exists in a relationship, the better it becomes.

  2. diana says:

    @ Chris Singh I believe that love is a lot of hokum, and marriage is a gamble.

  3. badrinath_t says:

    No love in beginning, lots of commitment, love is hokum, marriage is gamble, you ladies are scaring me. Is marriage worth all this trouble?

  4. Aadhya says:

    Someone who has spent nights with high fever and all alone knows that having a partner to hold you at that time makes marraige worth much more than all this.

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