Gone With The Wind – 21st Century Version

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Gone With The Wind – 21st Century Version

GONE WITH THE WINDA modern-day version of the classic romance Gone With The Wind was enacted right in front of my eyes. The difference being, in this case, our Scarlett is wise enough to realize her love for Rhett Butler before it’s too late. Yes dears, my story has a happy ending!

The girl who fits the role of Scarlett to perfection is a very beautiful, intelligent, independent, well-qualified, smart young lady who was living near me at that time. The Rhett Butler of this enchanting story is a smart, intelligent and handsome young man. My Scarlett and Rhett have known each other all their lives and had even gotten engaged. Their wedding was scheduled to take place in a year’s time since Mr. Butler had to complete his studies abroad.

So where does Ashley fit into this equation? Patience sweethearts. Good things come to those who wait. The Ashley of this story was  my Scarlett’s best friend. But unbeknownst to both of us, he viewed her as more than just his best friend and went out of the way to help her. Enforced separation from Rhett, the physical distance between them,  communication gaps and Ashley’s undivided attention towards Scarlett all played their parts to perfection in this drama. The inevitable happened. Scarlett developed feelings for Ashley and even considered committing to him and breaking things off with Rhett. This was just a thought though and she didn’t immediately act upon it. However, it was a very tense time with everyone’s emotions running high. By this time, Rhett had also completed his studies and was back in India. A time of great emotional upheavel for all parties.

Now, my Scarlett is a very smart gal. She told Rhett quite frankly that she was attracted to Ashley. My Rhett is a real gentleman. He patiently heard her out and finally told her he would support whatever decision she eventually took, and told her he hoped she would choose him. She did not rush things. She deliberated long and hard over the issue. At this juncture, in stepped the ever-helpful Mammy (not exactly a gnarled old woman in this case, but a young’un who had everyone’s best interests at heart). Scarlett and Mammy discussed the issue at length, and Mammy pointed out how Rhett had always stood by Scarlett no matter what. Scarlett thought the matter over and made up her mind to go ahead and marry Rhett as originally planned. She broke the news as gently as possible to Ashley, who needless to say, did not take the news well at first (Things turned out well for him in the end. He’s set to marry a lovely young lady).

Finally, all is well that ends well. Rhett and Scarlett are happily married now and more in love with each other than ever before. Scarlett is thanking her lucky stars every day for giving her the most precious gift of all; a Rhett Butler who loves her to distraction. Their little girl completes the happy family.


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5 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    A lot of this we see everyday but then most couples do not take the right decisions and then end up being lost souls.

  2. chris_singh says:

    The world does not revolve around any one individual…be it a Rhett, Scarlett or Ashley. The point that comes out strong in the original version of ‘Gone With the Wind’ is that people who can’t make up their minds, people who want to eat the cake and have it too – these people (let’s call them ‘selfish’) cause a lot of pain and misery all around. I guess we are all selfish to some extent but let’s try our best in being agents of peace, joy and happiness instead.

  3. diana says:

    @ Chris Singh …….Bang on, the lesson we have to take from this is Do the right thing by everybody and not for selfish reasons.

  4. diana says:

    @ shee_shee12345………A little more reason, a little less emotion will help people make right choices.

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