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Good News

Good news, Good news! The minute we ladies hear this word the first thought that comes to our mind is that someone is pregnant. Yes, the good news today is that a close friend Nutan is pregnant. We spoke to each other today after a long time. The conversation started off with the good news and how she was feeling and then it went on into more serious stuff.GOOD NEWS

She told me now that she is pregnant everyone in her family has turned into an expert. She says that advice from women who have already had kids is still okay but advice from men and neighbors and friends who have no idea about pregnancy was irritating her. Since she was a little angry and I didn’t want her to carry all that anger and I let her vent it all out.

As we were talking she told me about her sister in law, Swati. Now Swati had been blessed with a baby girl just about a month ago. Somehow the baby kept crying and her mother in law was all worried. Being an educated lady she told her husband and family members that her milk flow was not enough and the baby needed to be given some other substitute also.

These words tumbled out and world war III began at home. Instantly there were remarks like “she doesn’t want to feed the baby”, “What sort of a mother are you to even suggest something other than breast milk?”

Swati’s instant answer was “What kind of a mother- a concerned mother”. Nutan was angry, as a mother when she can see it and tell others why people are making a big issue about it. She said that Swati hasn’t stopped breast feeding the baby but only after a big fight and getting the substitutes has the baby stopped crying and has gained a little weight too.

Breast feeding is the best for a baby but well not every one’s body is the same. Some mothers have excess milk flow and some have less. A lot of people believe that eating certain vegetables or food items increases milk flow, science says that milk generation is from the brain. Whatever be the scenario when you look at kids and mothers what is important is the bond between them. The picking up the cuddling, the kissing is all important.

Judging a mom by whether she can breast feed or not or how much she can feed is one of the stupidest stereotypes that we have in our country and should be swept away as soon as we can.

Athena Visheshta

Lets get more and more people to widen their perspectives and sweep away the stereotypes, try reading After All She Is A GirlA chance for a better life and She sells sea shells, not her.

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3 Responses

  1. matheikal says:

    It’s difficult to make people believe one’s sincerity. Prejudices are strong. I hope the lady in question is understood properly now.

  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    She is facing a new battle each day but since she is no quitter she is making her opinion heard and counted.

  3. Indrani says:

    Milk generation is from brain? never heard of this before. No milk means no brains!!!
    How many women can speak for themselves like her!

    Really! Awareness is so less in people, all go by hearsay!

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