Happy Independence Day???

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   Image Courtesy Google

Image Courtesy Google

Am I free to admire the TAJ on a full moon night?

Am I free to choose to walk down a road without getting molested?

Am I free to choose to wear clothes I am comfortable in?

Am I free to go out for a movie without getting raped while returning?

Am I free to express my thoughts without getting arrested?

 Today is 15th August 2013, a good 66 years since the British left India. So as per the norms India is not only an adult but is a senior citizen with the understanding, maturity and patience of a saint believing in ‘Live & let live’. But still when ‘Independence Day’ comes to my mind it is followed by the questions I mentioned at the beginning and many more. Infact with every passing moment, with every step that I take out of the house and with every news flash that I read the list is getting longer.

I am sure that with every question that I have asked here an incident came to your mind. Or shall I say accident or maybe event; because that’s how we treat it. Something happens, a lot of uproar is created, promises made and then within a few weeks something else happens we get busy with it like a kid getting a new toy and forgetting everything else. Or some people like me keep on thinking about it and try finding ways to sort things out but due to lack of collective efforts and support from the masses have a limited reach and fail to create a storm. But nonetheless we keep trying. Even with me this happened only gradually and one fine day I put my foot down with a resolve to face anything that comes in the way.

 But as they say that to get rid of the poison ivy you have to destroy its roots I tried to figure out the root of the cause. But here I am entangled in the slender branches which are full of tiny pricks that are slowly sucking life out of me and bleeding me to death as I try to figure out how many are there and their point of origin. Then a thought comes to my mind that isn’t this happening to my country too? My motherland I love and adore so much that I simply refuse to leave it and settle abroad; a country where thousands of soldiers are spending their lives protecting us from the enemies and then getting greeted with a comment that people join the armed forces only to die.

Tell me frankly how many of you know what patriotism is? I bet all must be nodding their heads in agreement and thinking oh! What a stupid question, I do know. Now tell me have you ever felt patriotism within you? When was the last time you did something out of that feeling? Never. That’s correct. Never. And still we are happy when 15th August approaches; the reason being the holiday that we will get as it’s a National holiday. Kids get happy coz they get to participate in cultural programs and get sweets and enjoy. Infact they wait for it to come coz for them even the rehearsals for the D Day mean lots of fun and frolic.

 Without getting into the details of what all around us bothers me as we all know what I am talking about I just want to think out loud that is this what the Freedom Fighters laid their lives for? Are we worthy of what we received? What is the legacy that we are gonna leave for the generations to come?


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14 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    This Independence Day I am sorry to say but I am not free and the future of my daughter is actually frightening. Truly if my son turns out the way I want him to be then there is some hope for the next few generations to come.

  2. Sheela Pakianathan says:

    Breaking the old school of thought is not going to be easy at all but then if we make a start now, we can be sure that the future of girls will be better.

  3. aamjunta says:

    Freedom is like a word in dictionary, which is surrounded by many other words and in reality is surrounded by many compulsions and issues.

    Very well said.

  4. Albert Pakianathan says:

    A very happy independence day and I sincerely feel every step for real Independence has to start at home.

  5. My Say says:

    First of all thank you for opening this commenting space :) I love commenting as much I like getting them :) Dialogues are necessary .. I feel !!
    I am left in a state of remorse and deep thinking .. do I justify being her son ?
    I wish you a very Happy Independence Day
    I read you and I think – its been 66 years .. She is all but free .. She who gives us Identity ..
    When you ask Aadhya Ma’m what patriotism is – I feel .. so much I need to do personally if I really wish to justify the word !!
    Jai Hind!!

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      Thank You Jack, its our pleasure to get comments from experts like you. There is much to do both for you and me, lets all focus and try to get small small things done at each end and someday we might be able to see a bigger better picture.

  6. badrinath_t says:

    The picture itself is thought provoking but what is it that makes you feel that you are not free. India has given me my freedom and you yours. Just don’t take non sense from others. You have got to be the change, make the change, ensure the change etc. The ball has been and will remain in your court always.

  7. Harsha says:

    The Picture speaks it all about Freedom we are enjoying–This Freedom is not worthy enough to be called freedom,this is not what our freedom fighters gifted us and If they see the state of India today how would they feel very sad…To be patriotic is not at all enough we must all together stand for all the negatives in our society,even a little bit from everyone will change the face of India and that is be done without any more delay..

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      delay……is a constant part of our culture and the first thing we need to do is rise and shine and get things moving.

  8. diana says:

    Interdependence and independence are two sides of the same coin. Women deserve to be free just as much as the men. But somehow we always had to fight a lot harder for our independence than our male counter parts and we are still fighting. ‘Fighting for the freedom of expressing our thoughts, wearing the clothes we desire and just the freedom to walk on the road without fear of being attacked.

  9. Vijay says:

    Same to you Athena and all your readers.

  10. Aadhya says:

    In wake of the recent Shakti Mills rape case – the survivor was just doing her job and NOT asking for it. and the history of the culprits revelas that they have done that in the past too and got away with it. If even one of the earlier victims had complained this could have been avoided.
    What kept those from coming out? That WHAT is something that needs to be killed so that we can walk the roads freely once again.

  1. August 20, 2013

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