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          A New Year has begun and the first thought that comes to our mind is Last Year Just Flew By. But dear Athenas time does not fly,  it is we  who are always on the move with our day to day routine which is jam packed  with chores usually mundane yet necessary or enjoyable but not fulfilling. Though we are busy and even happy at times we are seldom satisfied and peaceful.

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Image Courtesy Google

    So as we brace ourselves for this year the paramount resolution should be to make our lives satisfying and peaceful.

 Most of you might state that satisfaction comes when we enjoy or work, make others happy,do something  good and so on and so forth  but I beg to differ. True satisfaction comes when we actually do something exclusively for ourselves besides others. We are so busy taking care other’s needs or pleasing others that we tend to forget ourselves in the process. It is essential that we pamper ourselves too. All of us are born with some talent or interest and only when we nurture this and pursue it we can  truly be happy. It is imperative to take out some self time just for yourself and your choice of activity. Only when we seek this self satisfaction can we be truly content.

    Peace of Mind as we all know is very difficult to achieve. One might take refuge in Yoga, Solitude, meditation etc. but at the end of the day if the mind is cluttered with thoughts of what people say and do the purpose is not achieved. The first problem is our attitude is always reactive. It is necessary to understand that the basic nature of any person cannot be altered. Once we know this we should not dwell  too much on what they say or do and allow this to affect you personally. We always tend to give too much importance to how other people around us behave or speak and at times even expect them to do as we wish.  We even worry  more than needed on their opinion about us. It is virtually impossible to please and satisfy everyone at all times. Dissecting a person’s character or remarks endlessly can only be frustrating and unrewarding. It always helps to accept people the way they are and get along with them according to their nature. We should learn to ignore the bad rather than get into unnecessary conflicts and arguments.

    Thus dear Athenas  let us make ourselves stronger this year and move ahead with a new perspective. Let us learn to love ourselves.  Not a selfish thought but really vital as only if we love ourselves can we be truly happy and can genuinely  love everything and everyone around us. Let us make this year unique and special as after all WE ARE UNIQUE AND SPECIAL. So once again A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR AND A HAPPY NEW BEGINNING TO ALL OF YOU.

Athena Mira

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  1. Fayaz Pasha says:

    Very truly said, we are always worried about pleasing and making others happy and we don’t find time for ourselves to exercise, to enjoy some sport or game or hobbies. Give time for ourselves too is a major contribution as we improve ourselves. Improving our attitude, behavior and character goes a long way in making us better persons and citizens.

    Wish you a very happy new year and hope 2014 brings more happiness, peace and love.

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